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  1. I have done that many times. The reminder stays there, but then a few days later it's gone again.
  2. I want the reminder icon (clock) to always show in the Note toolbar. Every time I customize the toolbar to add it, it stays for a while but then disappears. So I have to manually add it again. I use reminders a lot, and I need to be able to glance up there to see if a reminder has been set already (as shown below). When the clock icon is not visible, I have to manually select it to see if it's been set and what the date is - a real pain! I am using Windows 10 and I have the latest version installed.
  3. Just today I noticed that when using Evernote on my computer (through the Windows app), in the note viewing panel on the right there is a "phantom" PDF file at the start of every note. If I double click the note to open it the file is not there. The only way I can get rid of it is to reboot my computer. But it happens again once I view a note that has a PDF attached, the PDF file appears to be inserted in every note. This is so bizarre! Besides being annoying, it's awful timing because I am giving a presentation on how I use Evernote in a networking meeting this week, and wanted to show them how I have it set up on my computer! I've attached a screen shot - You can see the PDF on the note screen on the right side, but when the note is opened, it disappears. It is in EVERY note I display here, though not in the actual note. How do I fix this??
  4. I am hiring an assistant, and I want to use Evernote to manage workflow. I want to use the reminder feature on the to do lists, but it appears you can only set one reminder for a note. I love the "to do' list feature and want to set up reminders for individual tasks within the note. But if I have to set up a separate note for every item, that defeats the purpose of the "to do" feature. All my notes will be just one "to do" instead of a list. Am I missing something? I read all the time about how great Evernote is for managing projects, but if every note can only be one line item it seems very inefficient and messy.
  5. Yes, there are several photos because it's from an article on the web. That must be it. I don't really need the images so maybe I'll just remove all of them.
  6. I did a search for a specific word (searching the entire note not just a tag), and one note pops up which does not contain the search word and has nothing to do with the topic. I thought maybe the word was buried in the text and I was just missing it, so I copied the note to Word and used the Find function. Word can't find the search term I am using. Why would a note randomly come up in a search when it does not contain the word I am searching for?
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