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  1. I've been getting these for a couple of days now and Evernote isn't even open when this pops up. And there is no Evernote Logo displayed on the message. Makes it seem dubious.
  2. This worked. Now I have all of my notes on my Mac app again. Evernote team should look into the issue though.
  3. sure it's the same account. But since the update I can only see notes on my mac, that I changed on another platform.
  4. Yesterday I got a notice, that dark mode is now available. Excited, I installed 7.6. But then Evernote was empty. I logged into the web version (which I haven't visited in a while and I'm glad it's now more like the desktop version) and saw my notes were still there. Since then, I closed and opened Evernote a couple of times, restarted my Mac, of course I clicked on the sync button There are now only 3 notes visible on the Mac client and only the tags and notebooks associated to those notes. They were only visible, after I accessed them in the web app. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi Everyone, Because you are here, I can assume you are very interested in productivity. So I have a few questions: Have you ever considered or even tried to track your time, so you can see how you spent it at the end of the day? If yes, how would you go about it? What dou you think about the idea of time tracking? Thanks for your answers! Johannes
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