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  1. The problem is that Evernote and Spotlight do not play together. You are still trying to enable Spotlight and haven't been successful. I don't need a response, the problems is evident and can't be talked away.
  2. Being asked for password, naturally doesn't work. This has been a problem since 2012?? There are other options.
  3. Thanks Jeff, I"m using Mac os10.13 and by adjacent I mean there is now way I can find too get the many notes in the notebook to be seen as next to each other no matter the view, date, size, title etc
  4. I have several years of EN and the random startup and additions has caused significant inefficiencies. . I'd like to highlight/identify several notes in 1 notebook and transfer them to a new notebook. Is the an easy way to transfer many notes that are not adjacent in the notebook
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