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  1. I agree with pretty much all of this. I had given up on Todoist after a lot of use (the subtask setup is infuriatingly terrible), and while I love Trello and Evernote, I struggle to use either of them for full task management when I'm so dependent on repeat tasks (I do graphic design, social media, and general marketing). I was incredibly excited to see this PowerApp integration come, but fairly disappointed in its setup. Opening in the web app is the kicker for me. I gave it a fair go, however, and I actually don't mind the rest of the way the integration works. Changing the titles/notebooks/projects of the tasks, once created, don't effect anything. So, I can set my Evernote Inbox to sync reminders to Todoist, and process the note how I wish and the task how I wish. The reminder stays, but any dates set up in Todoist don't migrate to Evernote (though they stay in Todoist). Note/task titles don't swap. Changing notebooks/projects doesn't break the tie. This is actually pretty nice. I'm a GTD die-hard so it's nice that I can manage my tasks how I wish and not interfere with how I manage my reference files. What I really want now is the ability to create tasks and such, and add reference files from Evernote. Or, to create a task via the Evernote integration but add other Evernote notes as attachments. Then I'll be in 7th heaven. For now, this integration is enough to get me, grumbling, back to using Todoist. At least the new web version is much faster, making it less of a pain to use. If it actually worked, I would be happy. Nothing is syncing for me, and official word from Todoist is they are lookiing into it.
  2. I withdraw my previous post - Todoist is having issues with the new integrations and many of us are experiencing issues. I would hold tight until they get it figured out - so frustrating.
  3. Todoist is my task manager of choice, in large part due to its integration with IFTTT. I like being able to use Siri to create tasks and archiving my completed tasks, among other things that IFTTT allows. I don't use Evernote reminders, mainly as it just don't fit into my workflow. I really wanted to create a task in Todoist by using Evernote, just to simplify things (for instance, I use a template in Evernote to log phone calls at work. If I need to return a call or the call requires a follow-up, it would be killer if I could tag the note, and automatically create a task in Todoist). The only available trigger with Evernote on IFTTT is for a new public link to be created, which I was not crazy about. And for the record, I checked out Zapier, but didn't want to pay for a service that IFTTT does for free, and in my opinion, just as well. The Power App is still basic - you just add a reminder to the note, and the task is created in Todoist. I'm not sure how often it syncs, or how moving a reminder note to another notebook would affect the task. Also, the link in Todoist opens the task in Evernote web. I think the Power App leaves some to be desired, but its a great first step. For now, its saving me from having to list a task twice - just add a note reminder and it gets added to my task list. Of course, I still have to move it to the project I want it in, label it, add a due date, etc. Todoist has definitely become more Evernote-friendly since I started using it, and while it's far from perfect, it's pretty darn great for task management.
  4. Hi Emily, Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that we're making progress in your eyes. We're currently working on an improved pagination option for users that are more comfortable with flipping vs scrolling as well as adding pages via arrows instead of gestures. Stay tuned. I'd like to point out that you can also add a page by opening the side tray on the left and tapping the plus icon. We've found that most people actually add pages this way. I hope that helps. Cheers, Chuck I have used the side tray, but when I'm quickly trying to take notes, the extra taps and movement are just not ideal. A quick tap on an arrow would be the best solution, IMO.
  5. It's been a while since I owned an Android, but can you check under "Accounts" under your phone settings and see if there is way to change the login information there, as opposed to in the app? If that does not work, you can always export all the notes from the account you don't want to use anymore, then import them into the account you want to keep.
  6. I had all but given up on Penultimate - the scrolling to add a new page proved to be too much and was the last straw. I ended up deleting the app and switching to Bamboo, where I can add pages by using an arrow, NOT scrolling up. Bamboo works well, but does not export to Evernote automatically - I have to remember to go in and do it, which is fine, but an additional step. Further, and while this isn't as important comapred to functionality, it's not as "pretty" as Penultimate. I have downloaded the latest update for Penultimate and am going to give it a go. I will say that my first few uses have been much easier and not presenting the issues I had That being said, while knowing that "small" changes to an app are not small at all, I think it would go a long way if the feature to add a page could be done by just tapping an arrow as opposed to scrolling or using the page sorter. Until that happens, I'm not deleting Bamboo off my iPad.
  7. I'm in property management, and often work off site in areas with poor cell phone reception or on my iPad, which isn't connected to WiFi when I'm in the field. Generally, I'm fine creating notes offline and having them sync later (using an iPhone), but I have had notes disappear in the process. I would encourage you to just use your phone camera and then create notes later when you can use your cell phone reception - selecting photos to put into a note is simple and quick, too. Keep using Evernote - sometimes when you can't find the right feature off the bat its easier to get frustrated and go to something else, but I have rarely run into a situation where I couldn't get Evernote to do what I needed to do when I needed it done.
  8. Agree with all of this here. I was so excited when IFTTT integrated with Evernote - I had tried to use Zapier but like others, wasn't happy with the pricing. I prefer IFTTT, and really do not want to have to use two methods. I really love how Swipes can be used as a task management tool (tagging a note Swipes creates a task) but Swipes is still too limited for my needs (multiple projects, reoccuring tasks, sharing with others, etc). Ideally, tagging a note in Evernote could create a task in Todoist with IFTTT.
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