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  1. I haven't had an issue with it working...Siri will record my Reminder and ifttt gets it to Evernote....just eventually. Sometimes quick like today, other times not for days. And I have come to depend upon the Notifications sent to my iPhone screen to inform when when it actually fires. But that is just as sketchy. Today is a great example - my test with Siri worked quickly (appeared in Evernote within moments) but I have still not received the Notification.
  2. I'm still struggling with this recipe despite having the basics working. I can get Siri to record the Reminder, and it will make it into Evernote. But I can't figure out: (1) how quickly it runs, and (2) when it generates Notifications (which I have turned on this feature) There seems to be no pattern and no clarification documented. Sometimes it updates Evernote within moments, sometimes not until much later. And sometimes I get a Notification when it runs, sometimes I don't or sometimes the Notification occurs much later or not at all. There seems to be noth
  3. I am doing the long press to wake Siri up and tell her to make the reminder. I now have this working and it is working well when Siri can process dictation. Either my phone has issues or Siri has issues as about 50% of the time my text is not produced. But I hve the ifttt part working. I realized I need ifttt running but Evernote can be closed. Within Evernote I just create a simpled numbered list which is sufficient as my to do list. I don't need actual reminders once I can get it on my list. I do like what you said about SnapEntry and am going to check that out next. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Thank you my friend! I am not actually focused on giving myself true "reminders" - I'm just using this as a way to easily get short text items into Evernote while I am driving. I then manually move these items onto my to do list. Speaking to Siri is easier than opening Evernote, navigating to my desired note and dictating with the microphone. I want to stick with Evernote for my to do list even though I've heard about these other to-do list managers. I keep a lot of other long, medium and short term content and one tool to manage it all in one place is better for me than best of breed separa
  5. I'm using this ifttt recipe to get iOS Reminders I create with Siri into Evernote. Or at least trying to do this. I just can't get Siri to save my reminder to the correct List in the Reminder app. This are the instructions which seem simple enough: create a reminders list called "Evernote" in your iOS Reminders app. Then tell Siri, "Add Evernote reminder [your note here]". This will create a new reminder in your Evernote list, which in turn will append the dictated message to a note in Evernote called "Siri Notes". Like it says I have created the list called Evernote in my Remin
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