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  1. One of Evernote's iOS App's BIGGEST FAILINGS is not allowing choice of a default font and size. YOUR PRODUCT AND USERS DESERVE BETTER so that the iOS app is consistent with minimal font features of other Evernote products and competitors. This only requires addition of TWO basic features: (1) Selection from a basic list of the usual standard fonts, and (2) selection of the desired font size. How can a text app NOT provide these basics? Any text editor (including Evernote Windows and Web apps, and even the text box I'm using here) allows selection from a standard list of fonts and sizing using equivalent of points (8-72). CURRENT EVERNOTE iOS: No font choices and only 3 poorly implemented size buttons (small, medium, large... whatever these mean). I strongly suggest that you add these essentials as soon as possible. I see that users have left Evernote just because of this key failing. I'm confident Evernote can do this for iOS users.
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