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  1. 6.5.4 works. Has eyeball icon to view photos and text is WYSIWYG on clip. Clipping on recent versions are boxed with a scroll line (vertically) to see all data. How is this productive ?
  2. What ever happened to ICONS for view (eyeball) and icon for annotate in windows to view photos or attachments in note ? Are they coming back or discontinued permanently ? Or is there something that needs to be changed in Evernote or windows to get these features back ? Please advise.
  3. Go to tools -options and enable beta features and updates. Then it will indicate update available. Let me know if this update solved problem for you.
  4. It appears beta has corrected the problem. Please check out and comfirm advise if I am correct or incorrect.
  5. I brought this with ticket to Evernotes attention back in December. Unbelievably not yet fixed. Until they fix--- Revert back to and you wont have issue.
  6. Thanks. I rolled back to the earlier version prior to current one and it corrected the problem. Obviously there is an issue with current version of Evernote.
  7. I would open a ticket. It appears this is issue only on windows, for the complete page clipped shows on ios and android but not all of page shows on windows. You are the only post I see regarding this issue.
  8. Having same issue. I put in ticket last week. Have not gotten a fix yet. Seems to have started after web clipper updated on 16th and or from Evernote update around same time.
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