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  1. It was the occasion they "had a problem". I went to use Evernote one day and devices that were logged in were suddenly prompting me for a password. I didn't understand why my password was not being accepted so I trigged the reset process. I then came here to the discussion area and found out what was going on. At no time did I ever receive an email from Evernote explaining the issue, and I know other EN users who also didn't get notification, although I know some did. Re Google and "looking after your information". Maybe hacked was the wrong word, but for many years I worked in data
  2. Me too. That said, maybe if Google got hacked they'd have to decency to inform me, unlike Evernote who got hacked and didn't even tell me. I don't trust Google for what they would do with my information, but I suspect they might look after it better than Evernote can.
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