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  1. ...why can't it just be a button, like the others? Why does it have to be a keyboard shorcut?
  2. ...and now I've discovered they're for external keyboards only. What's the point of that? Quick notations when out and about are what I need this feature for - who carries an external keyboard with them? Very disappointed again now. One Note is looking even more appealing again. With the recent upgrades there, I'm trying to work out why I'm still using Evernote at the moment.
  3. I was very happy to hear that time & date stamps would be possible on iOS through keyboard shortcuts. But now very unhappy to find that they're for external keyboards only! Who on earth carries an external keyboard with them on the road?
  4. Excellent, thank you! Can't wait to try it out, although I can't yet find it in my iPhone? It will be a really useful feature though - let's hope it works on iPhone & iPad. Thanks again - it feels good to have influenced the powers that be!p
  5. Hi there. Having searched the internet for a solution to my request, it's clear that this would be a really simple, well used feature. A simple button that inserts a time / date stamp would be fantastic, and encourage me to use evernote more. Loads are asking for it. PLEASE??! Thank you.
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