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  1. This morning, still getting the "couldn't start" message, and clipping from Amazon is broken again. The web clipper is the foundation of your product, Evernote, and we're paying for it! I am really disappointed.
  2. Same experience, on Chrome on Windows; also on Chromebook. (FF running in Linux on Chromebook doesn't seem to have problem). The problem seems connected to having multiple tabs open. If I copy the address and open in a new window, clipper almost always works (but even then may need a reload or two).
  3. Using Clipper 6.9.2, in the latest Chrome releases on Windows & ChromeOS (The latter, which I'm using now, reports Version 54.0.2840.24 beta (64-bit) Platform 8743.25.0 (Official Build) beta-channel falco Firmware Google_Falco.4389.92.0 My problem, not for the first time!, is that Clipper no longer clips YouTube pages properly, using the special YouTube format - instead, it just treats it as a regular page, with the regular options. Amazon clipping is working properly for me. On the other hand I really think that the Clipper should include a picture of the book cover!
  4. I really do agree with the OP that there should be some way of locking Evernote. It should not be that hard, for instance, for the company to add a feature that password-protects individual notebooks. And it doesn't require much imagination to see why. I have Evernote on a shared family computer. The computer does indeed require a pw to open it up once it sleeps. Everyone in my family (but not guests) can, thus, access the computer. So everyone in my family (but not guests) can open Evernote. So my children can open up the notebooks that my wife and I use to store confidential financial and medical information. I'd very much rather they couldn't do that -- especially when they have friends over, and unlock the computer and allow them to use it. It seems very odd to me that Evernote has never thought about this simple but (in my opinion) essential security feature.
  5. Thank you! I'm missing SwiftKey, which is so much better than the Samsung keyboard!
  6. Evernote 7.9.3 for Android; On Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 6.0.1); input method SwiftKey When I make, or edit a textnote that includes checkboxes, I get very odd behavior. One example: when I hit return, and get a new checkbox, if I choose an autocomplete word, the preceding checkbox is erased, and some of the writing on the previous line is brought down and scrambled up with the autocompleted word. In general, typing in a text note is very difficult with the SwiftKey keyboard When using the standard Samsung keyboard, I don't have the same difficulties.
  7. It has been working again for the last few days, but today, same behavior: Picking at random: https://www.amazon.com/Theoretical-Physics-Dover-Books/dp/0486652270/ref=pd_rhf_gw_s_cp_1?_encoding=UTF8&ie=UTF8&pf_rd_i=&pf_rd_m=&pf_rd_p=&pf_rd_r=PGTK2HJ660FSP5SXS9QC&pf_rd_s=recent-history-footer&pf_rd_t=gateway&refRID=PGTK2HJ660FSP5SXS9QC (I opened in incognito mode, just in case an extension was the problem). As you see, the clipper does not recognize it as an Amazon page:
  8. Tried it out on Windows too, same problem -- can only clip as a regular webpage.
  9. Is anyone else still having this problem? I tried to clip some pages from Amazon today, and they were just treated as regular web pages. Youtube still comes up with a special "Youtube" option on the clipper, but not Amazon. Clipper version: 6.8.1 (f9f083e/ Chrome version: Version 51.0.2704.64 beta (64-bit) Platform 8172.45.0 (Official Build) beta-channel falco Firmware Google_Falco.4389.92.0 (on chromebook)
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