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  1. actually, I forwarded the issue to support (Premium user) - and hope to have the issue solved (if necessary over a Live Chat). Alternatively, I'll cancel EN and shift to something more reliable...
  2. Hi Gazumped, did all that (full un-install, clean, re-install) - to no avail. Same symptoms : EN icon will run, then stop running - without any notification/error msg or whatever. Going to refer this to support (Premium user) - GRRRR !!
  3. Thanks, Gazumped. Did that - will know next time I re-start. (had already re-installed, but without prior un-installing - to no avail unfortunately - maybe the uninstall is somewhat cleaner) Fingers crossed Thanks !
  4. Hi, I've been using EN for couple of years (Windows & Android). Experienced crashes upon launch over last couple of weeks, on Desktop : EN icon will run, then stop running - without any notification/error msg or whatever; updated to Evernote 6.5.4 (, don't know what my prior version was; EN will correctly start the first time after re-install - but the next time I close it, it will crash when I launch it (same as before). Not very convenient to re-install EN everytime I need a note !! Has anybody experienced those crashes on Windows ? Anybody with a solution ? Thanks !!
  5. my apologies, I did it - but struggle to remember how Tried multiple things, so didn't pay enough attention... If I remember well, the app doesn't appear in the standard "uninstall menu". But I think there was a way somewhere offering "uninstall" - and it worked. Or was that just I updated and it erased the "bundled" one ? The fact is, my current Evernote appears in the Apps Mgr, and can be uninstalled... Hope it helps !
  6. Hi all, Evernote support answered (EVENTUALLY !) - which solved the problem in a matter of seconds (issue with uninstall of Samsung bundled Evernote - once properly uninstalled, widget works fine). Could have been solved in 1 day instead of 3 weeks - but solved still... Thanks to all for your answers !
  7. Lucky you. I'm running EN widget on a 4.4.2 installed on Samsung Galaxy Tab S10. Per above, the notes list won't work, displaying an error message. Hopefully, Evernote will treat my request (Premium user), but for now, I haven't heard anything... So if anybody has a suggestion, thanks !
  8. Having checked, 4.4.2 (Android version I use) is KitKat - ie, last version of the OS. Very surprising Evernote doesn't care to have its app work on this, isn't it ?
  9. no - none of the 4. (btw, the only options I'm interested in are the ones offering a preview of the notes) And thanks to both of you for your feed-back.
  10. thanks Lykoz. I wasn't clear enough in my initial post : . my OS is the most recent Android (jelly bean - 4.4.2) . I have experienced (on an earlier machine) that EN worked properly on ICS. Unfortunately, even after un-/re-installing both EN widget and EN, the widget won t work on JB Rooting or downgrading my OS to have that widget sounds a bit of a bazooka solution... Anybody any idea ? Thanks !
  11. Hi, does anybody use the 3x2 widget on ANdroid 4.4.2 ? Evernote works fine on my android 4.4.2 tablet, but the widget 3×2 won t work (although it did on my earlier tablet, with an earlier android version - ICS). After installation, the notes (abstract) won t display in the widget. Instead a message 'we encountered a display problem for your note. Un-install 'Evernote widget', and download it again from Android Market'. But no re-install will work. Would anybody have a suggestion ? Thanks ! PS: I submitted this over one week ago to EN Support - but no sign of life...
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