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  1. That's not what we're asking at all, personally I find Mac awful, and in no way customizable. Everyone has their own tastes. What others and I are asking is that Evernote make the same development efforts for Windows as for Mac, and these efforts focus on quality and functionality, which is absolutely not the case at the moment. The feeling that Windows users can have is that Evernote develops for Windows because it can't do otherwise, and without any enthusiasm (and that's an understatement)
  2. Yes and above all, if it were so difficult to develop for Windows, it would be necessary to explain why there is infinitely more softwares under Windows, or that games are massively developed for Windows and not for Mac.
  3. Exactly, and there would be a lot to say about the "contempt" for Windows users, I give some examples: - There was a mobile application, it was deleted. But before that, this mobile application didn't even allow manual note taking, nor did the stylus. I will be told that if it was deleted, it was because the Windows Mobile platform was dying. Where is the problem since Windows mobile applications can be deployed on both mobile and PC and Hybrid (portable touch screen devices). So if Windows Phone is dying, hybrids and PCs are not, far from it. I have two Pro Surfaces and Evernote is unusable without a keyboard or mouse, in other words, I forget Evernote on the Surface and only use it on a PC. An aberration when on the other hand, OneNote can be used in both classic and mobile versions, and both support handwriting and stylus. - To give the change, Evernote replaces this famous mobile application available in the Windows Store with... The desktop application encapsulated to be available on this famous store. However, this application downloadable on the Windows Store, which updates automatically, unlike its big sister downloadable on the Evernote site, is even more buggy than the classic version, less reactive, freezing as soon as it is requested a little too quickly and in addition has lost options along the way. A so-called modernized version (I still wonder why since it is impossible to use in touch) which is even less reliable than the traditional version. So yes, Evernote makes fun of Windows users when they are the vast majority of customers worldwide. Incomprehensible. Is Evernote paid by Apple to abandon Windows, it's frankly something to wonder about sometimes. And there would be many other examples. Even less understandable when you know that the direct competitor (OneNote) is very well developed by Microsoft for other platforms than its own, and even better since some new features sometimes arrive on iOS, MacOS or Android before they even appear on Windows. I have been using Evernote and OneNote extensively for years for totally different needs. When I see the lead Evernote had on many points, and the delay now on almost all points, I wonder how things are being handled. It makes no sense to seriously develop for the overwhelmingly mobile platform (Android) and not do it for the one on the desktop. I know that many people will contradict me, but I don't take notes on my phone, I take them with my Surfaces or my PC, on my mobile, I only consult them: a phone is more convenient to do my shopping than a PC or a Laptop, but to write, it is still quite limited.
  4. So I guess it's the same as on Windows if OneNote is installed on your Mac. In Evernote, go to file and import.
  5. 60% in R&D is not too much to fix all the bugs in the Windows client, to FINALLY bring handwriting on Windows touch devices, a dark theme and notebook encryption ?
  6. I've been asking myself the same question for years. Windows + 80% market share worldwide, MAC less than 15. In Europe, Mac is a funny joke, while the European market is larger than the US market. I don't understand the logic at all. Let's be clear, I'm not asking EN to leave Mac/Apple users behind at all. No, I ask that they respect the overwhelming majority as well as the minority.
  7. I understand better. Otherwise, for OneDrive, a free account is 5 GB, but with seniority, loyalty or the various possible bonuses, you can have more, even after an offer is completed. It's visible in "manage storage" in your account. On the other hand, since you're talking about phone for import, I can't really say how it works, I was assuming that you were on a PC.
  8. There has never been a synchronization tool between ON and EN (one way or the other), there is an import tool and no synchronization. A aside, so this sentence " I had two years OneNote subscription for free" doesn't make sens since ON has been free for several years. Otherwise, to answer the question, you have to import your notes from ON, no synchronization possible, only an import. If ON is still installed on your device: In EN, Go to File>Import from MS ON.
  9. False, OneNote has been around since 2003, but has only been free for two or three years.
  10. It's not only my point that you don't understand ?
  11. Then I'll answer you simply: Already Mac, this is far from being the majority of Evernote users and most people who complain about Bugs are users other than Mac. Secondly, there are priorities in life, and in the life of a company, it is the satisfaction of its customers that must come before cosmetics. When many users complain about recurring problems and you prefer to allocate a budget to your brand image rather than correct the problems, there is something wrong. Whether Evernote works perfectly for you, whether it's the company or the software, I'm delighted for you, but reading about it, it's far from being the case for everyone. And these people, like me, say there are other priorities than this one. I repeat, I wrote a ticket to support (directly), more than 24 hours later, I have no answer, not even via Twitter, so I think the money should already be used to run a business instead of frills. No bug fixes, no listening to requests, no support, and besides that, we do design?
  12. Yes but anyway, even on this subject: A dark theme is claimed for 5 years, 5 years! Not five days, five weeks or five months, five years! Not a single word on this subject to say whether or not we can hope to see it one day: nothing. It is so complicated to answer "we can't or we don't want to, or it's not a priority at all or we think about it?" Another thing, I wrote to support yesterday, I still have, 27 hours later, no answer. So the marketing changes, okay, but there are also other things to see or review that are just as important.
  13. Very strange. For me Evernote Touch was update to Evernote for Windows on my 2 Surface Pro. On my PC, I have kept the classic desktop version.
  14. Yes, my comment and this link I've posted https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/73780/evernote-bringing-desktop-application-windows-store
  15. I know that it will not be a UWP... https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/73780/evernote-bringing-desktop-application-windows-store But maybe a bit more "touch friendly". Since you are here .... It would still be time Evernote becomes aware that IOS and Android are not the only things that exist on earth. Perhaps Windows Phone is dying, but for the Windows hybrids market, This isn't the case, on the contrary. As a Windows Premium user, i would like that Evernote understand that. Do you know Surface sales ?
  16. I am not English-speaking, (and it's Google Translation). In my language it is (often, not always) the same word for complaint, claim and sue.
  17. The problem is not there... 1) The problem is that the desktop version is not "touch friendly" and on hybrid devices, it is a handicap. And the old version of Evernote Touch is not 'excellent '. And since with this new promised version, There is still not handwriting, it starts to do a lot. 2) this is Evernote that has sent an email to its users to tell that the old version would be replaced, and very quickly, 08/02. No mail, no sue.
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