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  1. TherealTVC - I absolutely agree with you. Some of the "remedies" are a bit lame and like you, I do not wish to turn off all the privacy settings. After all, they are there for a reason. As I stated above, I have tried most of the remedies suggested and at best they work for a very short time, as in minutes. It seems clear to me that no one from Evernote is monitoring this discussion site or as you point out, they don't care. I will look at Bear and Devonthink also. I have also been using a product called Yojimbo and it works very well. Good luck.
  2. There are numerous threads regarding this issue. I have tried all the remedies suggested by other users and even Evernote employees and they do not work! Sometimes Evernote Clipper will work for a bit (as in 30 minutes or so) and then it stops again. Now we are supposed to uncheck privacy boxes, then check them again, jump up and down on our left foot and do who knows what else and maybe the Clipper will work for 30 minutes. This is ridiculous. With products and support like Evernote Clipper it is amazing this company is still in business...or is it.
  3. I have tried all these "solutions" and Evernote Clipper still isn't working. When I logged in and checked the box "Keep me logged in" Evernote Clipper worked for about 10 minutes. Seriously. This has been going on for months! I have no confidence in this software, its developers and the support people.
  4. For what it's worth Evernote Clipper stopped working again.
  5. Thank you for the response. Unfortunately it is not helpful to simply say it's the "settings". That seems to be the fallback response when people don't know what else to say. It would be much more helpful to say which settings and what the correct values are supposed to be. I realize there may not be one fix for everyone but pointing me in the right direction would help. Here is the latest status. Yesterday Evernote Web Clipper started to work again. I made no changes to the Mac OS or Safari. It just started working. I don't know what changed so I won't know how to correct it next time; and I am confident there will be a next time. Per the above response my Safari Privacy setting for Cookies and Web Site data is set to Allow from web sites I visit. It was that way before and now. I have no idea why the Clipper works and doesn't work erratically.
  6. I too am having this problem again. I am using a Mac (Sierra 10.12.6) and Safari (10.1.2). Today I clicked the Evernote Clipper icon in my tool bar and nothing! This has happened in the past and it is becoming very frustrating. Evernote support is the worst I have seen. I went to the support page as directed and tried to create a ticket, as directed and was unable to create a ticket!?!?!?! Next I tried to download and install the latest version of the Clipper, from the Evernote web site and that fails! I downloaded this file: evernote-web-clipper-latest.safariextz and when I try to install it I get the error message in the attached file. This has happened numerous times in the past. Evernote Clipper seems like a crappy product and Evernote support is worse. How do I fix this once and for all? I am glad I also use Yojimbo!
  7. It is now May, 2017. I am trying to switch from Safari to Firefox. Evernote Clipper doesn't work; still!
  8. I am using Evernote 6.1and Safari 10.0.3 Clipper 6.10.3 . This problem seemed to go away for a while and is now back. I have not knowingly upgraded Evernote or Safari but, once again, I am being asked to log in the first time I use Evernote each day. This is a real pain. Someone suggested contacting Evernote support. Good luck with that.
  9. gazumped - thanks for the response. I looked at the thread you suggested and the only remedy I saw was to change the Safari privacy settings, however the setting that was recommended is my standard setting so I am still experiencing this problem. Thanks again.
  10. I checked my Privacy settings again and the option suggested by jim.g is my default setting. Still having the problem staying logged in Evernote. I started to notice this within the last couple months. Prior to that it worked as expected.
  11. Recently when I try using the Evernote clipper from Safari I am required to log in. This usually happens the first time I use Evernote each day or so. Evernote did not used to behave this way. I stayed logged in until I logged out or stopped Evernote. This is becoming a big pain. I requested help from Evernote but so far, nothing. Is there a cure for this newly surfaced bug? Thanks.
  12. This request was posted 1 month ago and no one has responded. Evernote is a great product but like so many other products and services, their support is seriously lacking. OK, it's lousy. Admittedly I posted this same basic request a long time ago. At least I had some feedback that time; there was mention of something called "EN Clearly". I am not sure what that is. Since there does not seem to be a way to contact Evernote directly and they don't seem interested in fixing this I will go back to using Yojimbo. It does what I am trying to do.
  13. Hello, I am using an iMac computer, OS X 10.9.5, and Safari 7.1.8. My homepage is MSN.COM which is a portal that has information and links to articles at other sites. When I link to an article that has multiple pages I run into a problem with Evernote. If the article contains multiple slides that require I click on an arrow to go forward or backward I have an issue when I try to use Evernote to clip the article. Evernote will only put the first or current page in my notebook and I want to be able to save all of them. Is this possible or am I doing something wrong? I have another app on my computer that lets me archive web info and it will save all the pages as I would expect. I hope Evernote has this capability as well, and I am missing something. Any advice will be welcome. Thanks. Hector
  14. Thanks for your help. I learned my old, unwanted account is deactivated. That's fine. I will try deleting and re-adding Evernote extension. Also noted that, today, I installed an update from Apple that included updates for Safari. Evernote was working OK so I am thinking Apple mucked up something with the new release. Thanks again.
  15. I went to my Account Summary and learned that I am using the Beta version although I am quite sure I never asked to use this version. ?!?!?! Am back on production version and my notes appear once again, however, I am still not able to save new articles from Safari. Still getting the message, Cannot Save Clip. I only want/use 1 account so can I delete the unwanted account?
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