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  1. Seems we have various threads here and it's becoming complicated following what this is supposed to be about. Can the AI lot take a hike? The History of EN users set up a new thread? This is what moderators (good ones) do for a bustling Forum, but I guess there aren't any here. lykov: functionality, output, format, design are probably the most crucial things which would justify using anything like EN, otherwise, yes, why not go back to typewriters? Before EN, and even before that, I wrote in notebooks. They're still in my office under 6 inches of dust and I really need to dispose of them be
  2. Well, seems they're trying but. .. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/84036-how-to-contact-customer-support-support-ticket-never-answered/ Not that I'm getting at anyone.
  3. @GrumpyMonkey Thanks for the input. Would you care to elaborate with some specific examples of how to export EN into a usable format ?
  4. I am not here to defend WP just offer up an idea. But with 75+million websites worldwide I think you are carping. There are ways to beef up security. It isn't less secure than other internet options where security is pretty much in the hands of the developer. It wasn't me that found fault with EN's support but others on this Forum. Support is available for WP and its plugins on all sorts of BBSs etc etc.
  5. Apologies if you can't open the link I posted - here is my project: First: the real reason why I don’t want to use Evernote any more – aside from productivity issues and let’s face it nothing can be all things to all men (and women) so that was never an issue for me, is that I don’t want to put all of my precious notes into a system which I can never leave. There is no adequate system for converting out of EN. So that’s it as far as I am concerned and, in fact, it was this thread on the Forum which got me thinking about all of this and I was surprised to find such vehement detractors of EN h
  6. I have taken my notes over to LinkedIn - here: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/146528-6002012211218780161 Hope you can participate.
  7. I notice there has been no discussion here for a while - is this resolved? Anyway, I have a solution, well one that works for me. On another note. .. The implementation of this Forum sucks. Is it designed this way to make the subject (EN) look better than it is or does it demonstrate the inherent limitations of the people behind it?
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