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  1. Mac OS 10.10.1 - Evernote 6.0.5 (451190 Direct) Local Notebooks (no sync) disappeared after upgrade to version 6. Logged a ticket and sent activity log. Still waiting for a resolution. I have Time Machine enabled. I would like to retrieve the data that was stored locally in these notebooks. I cannot export the data and restart from scratch because I am afraid to wipe out whatever remains in the database. Evernote, please do something about this.
  2. Thanks for this. unfortunately, I lost my local notebooks in the last upgrade so there is no way to export and backup my local notebooks. I am stuck and cannot do a clean install because I am afraid of losing whatever is still in the database that might be recoverable. I contacted support but alas, I am still waiting for feedback... cross fingers and once the data is back I will reconsider seriously my personal information management strategy. That's my new year's resolution! This mess is hurting Evernote in the core of its being. I am so sad to see this happen and I am surprised we did not hear anything from Phil Libin on this... go and build a 100 year company on the basis of this, I wish you luck.
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