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  1. I use Mac, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) at various locations (home, different workplaces, volunteer organisations) and would dearly love to have a native client on all three platforms. I also use it on iOS and Android whilst out and about. I'm a fairly heavy user (and Premium subscriber) of Evernote and store a lot of attached files and graphics heavy stuff, so the web client is often painfully slow to use. Not sure why a Linux client wouldn't be possible or commercially viable given that an app for Windows Phone has been developed, and that maybe has a similar potential user base as Linux and that must make its payback? In pure installed user numbers I'd hazard a guess that Linux would be larger. Google have recently made Chrome OS able to use some Android apps work on the system, including the Evernote app, so would an interim measure be to work with Google to at least get this capability to work on Google Chrome browser in other OSs, especially Linux?
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