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  1. Thanks for sharing why you think tagging should be minimised but I only see this as a shortfall of the evernote tagging implementation. It's only really usable on the desktop client and abandoned everywhere else. I use something similar to and find it the only way to stay organised. Tags are essential to this tool I think. The search queries power rely on using tags but we need better ways to keep them organised and relevant. I completely agree that it's difficult to remember the tags and that why we need help from the tool - Evernote.
  2. This works until the beta becomes release. I would hope tagging heirarchy would be implimented before then but after fumbling with the mobile offerings (w/o tagging hierarchy) for too long I don't think it will happen.
  3. Absolute must for the mobile application but can't believe the new web version has followed suit in the abandonment of tag hierarchy. I'm losing the use of my once favorite tool.
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