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  1. I'm not seeing that the Sunrise Calendar interfaces with Evernote.
  2. Thanks for the updates! I agree about using the calendar, I really don't. There are just certain times that I want blocked out so others can see my availabilty. I've still not had any luck with Event Noted. It is sad they aren't supporting it, which seems to be the case with a number of apps these days. It really does seem like the perfect app for what I need. On the other hand, I don't like dealing with apps that don't work or are not reliable in anyway. My time is too precious to do someone elses job, so I try to commit to things I can count on. Thanks again! Gene
  3. It appears that Evented Noted is no longer supported. Does anyone have information regarding this? What is a good substitute? I just want to get items in Evernote easily exported into iCal or Reminders. The reminders within the latest release of Evernote is a step in the right direction, but I'm still surprised that there's not more integration with the system apps on the Mac. Gene
  4. @adamwright, I'm using a quadcore MBP w/16g ram, 750g SSD. I work in the industry, so aside from being a year+ old, it's about as good as it gets. I also have an iPhone4s used mostly as a phone, then an iPad Air which is used for almost all of my off-computer work. No offence intended, but I'd retire from the industry if I had to go back to a PC, though I do run a virtual PC for some testing chores. @Frank.dg, I currently use Action Lists (a GTD dedicated app) by Metakite. It's been a great app for me, but I've seriously outgrown it and/or the underlying database. It's a long story that I'll not go into here, but I tested number of variations within the app and even discussed it with the developer. I just can't wait for this app to catch up with my needs. That combined with the inability to email attachments, attach photos, pdfs, etc., have me looking elsewhere. There is no question that I'll leave the old app behind, the question is which app I'll choose. I can get Evernote to do everything Actionlist would do and more. The choice for me is Evernote vs OmniFocus. I use several other OmniGroup apps which are staple in my work, so I feel very strong about their reliability, but I think OmniFocus is overly complex and lacking some of the features of Evernote. My evaluation of OmniFocus is not completed yet. My biggest concern is the labor of porting over all my data from the current app into either of my possible choices. There is no straight port to either of them. This isn't an issue for me. I can easily script a data conversion to either product, but the big change going to Evernote is that I'm moving from a multilevel folder structure into flatter structure, so anything in my current dbm more than 2 folders deep has to be flattened somewhat. Again, this isn't the bigger issue. The bigger issue is that anyway I look at it, this will take some time and I don't want to waste the time converting my data then find myself left with the same data loss and lack of performance. The other concern I have is that Penultimate has been, up until last month, a key player in my workflow. That is no longer the case. IMO the upgrade killed it for me. I keep checking for other updates and the only one provided so far is a long ways from decent. Having experience this I have the concern that a future update to Evernote creates a similar issue. I'm pretty intolerant of developers that don't plan big changes with feedback from their users... and yes I'm pissed at Apple about Yosemite. You have already answered a couple of questions for me though. I thought Evernote was primarily a PC based app and apparently that's not true. BTW, I totally understand the negative forum posts. Happy people are usually working on something else. It's great to know that there's some folks watching that have some positive info to offer. Thanks for the quick responses, Gene
  5. I'd laugh were it not for the fact that I just wrote three paragraphs of questions regarding the reliability of Evernote, just to have them disappear when I clicked the preview button. I hope the software works better than this blog. In a nutshell, my question is "Why should I choose Evernote as a replacement for my current research/project organizer?" There's a ton of negative press about the product in this forum alone.
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