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  1. I'm not seeing that the Sunrise Calendar interfaces with Evernote.
  2. Thanks for the updates! I agree about using the calendar, I really don't. There are just certain times that I want blocked out so others can see my availabilty. I've still not had any luck with Event Noted. It is sad they aren't supporting it, which seems to be the case with a number of apps these days. It really does seem like the perfect app for what I need. On the other hand, I don't like dealing with apps that don't work or are not reliable in anyway. My time is too precious to do someone elses job, so I try to commit to things I can count on. Thanks again! Gene
  3. It appears that Evented Noted is no longer supported. Does anyone have information regarding this? What is a good substitute? I just want to get items in Evernote easily exported into iCal or Reminders. The reminders within the latest release of Evernote is a step in the right direction, but I'm still surprised that there's not more integration with the system apps on the Mac. Gene
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