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  1. That's the way I do it, but it's annoying. Too much unnecessary work and hey, Evernote should be a productivity tool So please, vote up my feature request, which made this work-around obsolete. Ciao, Carsten.
  2. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac and don't know anything about applescript. It looks like after sending the email you hit a key to export the sent mail as a pdf file and put it into evernote. This is a small step to do (hit one key) but it's an additional step (and you have to go to the sent mail). When the header information will be put into the note by evernote no additional step is necessary. And it works for all systems (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android) and every mailer.
  3. Hi, I'm using evernote for project organization (sic ) So every mail I sent to a client went bcc to my evernote account. But what I'm really missing is the From:, To:, and Date: header information of the mail: from which of my accounts did I sent the mail to whom and when? Evernote picks already the Subject: mail header and put it in the title of the note. So it should be easy to pick the other header information and put them in the body of the note. These days I sent the mail to the client, go to the Sent folder and forward the mail to evernote. That's not productive! Regards, Carsten.
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