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  1. Completely agree with mwebber post. Given a choice, I would never use the new interface and really dislike the removal of ability to customize toolbars and other screen items. This interface now gets in the way of my work instead of helping it. I downgraded from Yosemite back to Mavericks and EN 6 to 5 because I need to get work done. Apple design standards based on iOS are fundamentally misguided: a 30" desktop monitor is not a 3" phone screen and never will be.
  2. Just wanted to thank the OP and others with good advice on this. I used AppCleaner to get rid of 6 and reinstalled 5.7.2 from dmg and simply synched the data back with no problem. I will be staying with 5.7.2 as long as I have to as it works fine, despite the wretched New Chat button and inability to do anything useful with the Toolbar. In fact, I just decided to go ahead and hide the Toolbar altogether, despite that my normal way to make a new note is the big New Note button. I'll just go shortcut instead. I completely agree with comments of NightStalker about staying w Mavericks and avoiding all the bad new apps that are unfortunately adpating to the ugly iOS-based look Apple is pushing on us. Even worse than Evernote 6 was the recent new version of Omnifocus, a key app for me in my workflow. Version 2 with its washed out, flat yet still somehow incredibly busy and nearly uncustomizable interface is almost unusable; but worst of all many of those small but useful features from version 1 were REMOVED. As a result, you are basically forced to have the one and only interface design decisions, whether those fit your needs or not. This is a really bad trend in design. I hope Evernote takes note of all our feedback and makes some changes. Otherwise, as is my strategy with Omnifocus, I will stay downgraded as long as I have to or can, while evaluating competitor apps.
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