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  1. I sync between Outlook 2007 (yes 2007) and Evernote. The fact that Evernote doesn't display carriage returns and often combines the last line of a paragraph with the first line of the next is infuriating to say the least. I tried looking for the solution on Google and so far I've only found this thread.
  2. Hi, All of a sudden I can't sync Outlook 2007 with Evernote gSyncit: 4.2.270 I removed the Evernote syncing from gSyncit intending to put it back and start over. When clicking "Authorize Access" in gSyncit I get an error (see attachment). Any ideas? Thanks, David
  3. Thank you very much for replying. I have just discovered the problem which is not related to Evernote at all. After upgrading from gSyncIt 3.x to 4.x I was supposed to go through a few hoops to get everything set up again. I did some of the tasks but not all of them, hence the problem. Anyway, after a frustrating two weeks all is again working properly Thank God. Mods, please feel to delete this post as (1) I'm fine and (2) Evernote is fine! Best, David
  4. Hi, In order to sync Outlook 2007 with my Android 4.x phone I use gSyncIt 4.0 (Fieldstone Software). As Google doesn't have Notes, I sync my Outlook Notes with Evernote. After I moved to Evernote 5.7.2, gSyncIt will not sync my Outlook notes with my Evernote notes. If anyone has info on this problem, I'll be happy to hear. Alternatively, how do I revert to a version before Evernote 5.7.2? Thanks! David
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