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  1. I'll through my +1 into the ring, heaven forbid you write more than one screens worth of notes. It's surprisingly frustrating to have my words just disappear off the screen without any sort of buffer. Really Evernote just needs to have a 2 blank line lead. It looks like Google Docs solves this by having a page format, so you get close to the bottom of a pre-defined 8.5 x 11 and then there is a gap, and the next page so you never have text disappearing as you're typing. I'd take that as well.
  2. I was running into the problem, rebooting was required so that I could see and edit notes. Not very clear that you need to reboot after the install. Between this and the Penultimate debacle it looks like the Evernote folks are having a rough month. Hope this is the end of me not being able to use a product because of unintuitive design decisions or maintenance requirements. Right now everything appears to be working fine after the reboot.
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