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  1. Dear members the lady is smart ;-) I work a lot next to him, a lot with him (in a field not even IT related), but I'm not the developer......... and no I'm not a programmer but indeed I'm a fan of his work. I'm also one of the early testers and users of FileOne...... still using it ..... with a single file that gets bigger and bigger..... without any problems ;-)
  2. OneNote and EverNote are good professional things to have BUT for those of you who are more focused on working with a desktop environment you might take a look at FileOne the email client, note taking organizer. If you google for FileOne organizer you will find its website and a youtube introduction. FileOne is centered around the desktop and is not a real cloud aware app. There you may find that FileOne organizer with calendar support, is more powerfull and easier to use in a desktop environment. You use a treeview to access and structure all data in it and you can use it as a file storage engine. It can store and play music tracks, online radio stations, movies, images, photes, office files and it allows you to hyperlink anything to anything inside FileOne. All data is stored in a single file that is designed to hold huge amounts/gigabytes of data as well as tiny amounts of data. For small businesses or self employed there is even an invoice generator. Since all data is stored as in a single file, you can use FileOne as a rich distributable documentation vehicle to Windows and Linux users since FileOne runs in Windows and Linux (Gnome, KDE type of desktops). Maybe a possible alternative for EverNote (or OneNote)?
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