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  1. Dear members the lady is smart ;-) I work a lot next to him, a lot with him (in a field not even IT related), but I'm not the developer......... and no I'm not a programmer but indeed I'm a fan of his work. I'm also one of the early testers and users of FileOne...... still using it ..... with a single file that gets bigger and bigger..... without any problems ;-)
  2. OneNote and EverNote are good professional things to have BUT for those of you who are more focused on working with a desktop environment you might take a look at FileOne the email client, note taking organizer. If you google for FileOne organizer you will find its website and a youtube introduction. FileOne is centered around the desktop and is not a real cloud aware app. There you may find that FileOne organizer with calendar support, is more powerfull and easier to use in a desktop environment. You use a treeview to access and structure all data in it and you can use it as a file storage
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