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  1. Evernote does not have nested notebooks. Stacks (the Evernote term) can *group* notebooks. But stacks cannot contain notes or other stacks. Sorry, I may have not understood PrecariousPhoto's request properly (I'm french). "Nested notebooks" and "stacks" looked pretty much the same to me. It's a new level to organize your work by grouping your notebooks (as you group your notes in notebooks). But now, reading your post BurgersNFries, I get the difference
  2. Hello PrecariousPhoto, nested notebooks are already available (at least, on mac client). we can make "piles" with notebooks to organize them together. Just one level available though.
  3. I'm not very optimistic since it has been requested for almost 4 years... But still : +1 for manual sorting (on mac client)
  4. +1 for turning background darker +1 for adding customized colors to notes
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