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  1. Oh, that's brilliant, if the whole community is as thoughtful as this, it's a real good reason to abandon the product altogether. Didn't get down to the second sentence on the first post, did you? One thing that I could never get use to is a company unloading their customer support onto their product users. If anyone needs an example of why that is a bad idea, just piece the last comment into the whole narrative. Maybe it's a plant from Evernote's competitors, something to consider...
  2. How would you navigate an html export? Not quite an equal result if you have to give up the ability to navigate it..It's historical data that I want to have available if needed, so I was going to keep it on an old laptop that I don't update anymore. Just seemed to be a useful way to use a resource, I only need to start it when I need something. This would then allow me to cut this active account to a more operable size. It seems to do a fair amount of choking on 42 GB. I just realized that a more direct route would be to clean up a network drive and leave there, but then they are not lik
  3. Hi, maybe someone can help me deal with an issue or two. I'm a premium user and I've been an Evernote user for several years and I've become increasingly frustrated with it. The first problem goes back to not long after I started using it, this is now the 3rd computer that I've used it on, so I'm pretty sure that it's not my system. Especially since I get the same results on a new computer with a fresh install. The problem has been persistent, nearly anything that I do results in a "not responding" message. It's gotten so bad that I just leave it and check back in on it after about 5 minu
  4. All I wanted to do is report a bug, Using the site's auto-response, you are told to submit a ticket. After going around in a loop a few times, I decided not to bang my head against their idea of "support". It is real simple" In my Windows Desktop version go to: Tools >> Import Folders This opens a tool to update a folder on your windows machine. The update works correctly, as does the file selection, however, it will not put the file into the correct notebook. Everything gets dumped into the default folder. This is obviously a broken feature that should, in principle, be
  5. Guru, Thanks for your affirmation. I'm trying to be a bit more conscientious about following up, since I nearly missed the "Easter Eggs". I like that metaphor, because that is what it has come to be, an Easter Egg Hunt. So I would like to keep this thread alive until either there is a change to expose these options, or at least an explanation as to why they should not be. These are essential functions and they need to accessible to all users, even the ones that can't spend a lot of unproductive hours trying to make their product work correctly. As with many software companies, Ever
  6. Now this strikes me as funny, although I'm not sure if it is a "Gee Whiz" or a "Ha Ha" type of funny. Since I started this thread, I should probably have a better memory of the suggestion than I do. Frankly, that isn't even my current concern. It just happened that the persistent issue of performance brought me back to the forum and having forgotten this matter already, I was curious to see what I was up about. I must of deleted the notice that others have made comments, because I know that I didn't read these. I wish now that I was more conscientious and followed up on this, because then
  7. My installation is slowing down and becoming nearly impossible to use, constantly getting "EverNote is unresponsive" when it is just doing a search. Tags are indexed and are much faster in searching, but if you don't start the search with the first character being an exact match, the possible fill options are not displayed and it then becomes a search for the right tag. Since I frequently remember only part of the tag used previously, I want to be able to search for "fragments" of a tag. This would speed up my selection considerably. In particular, nested tags are the only method that I am
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