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  1. It is worth noting that when it comes to privacy and security even some IT big whales recognise importance of on-device processing and giving user control over the data. For example "Build trust through better privacy" https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2020/10676/ ...
  2. @PinkElephant This is not just about the tax data - it is about most of work or personal data. To answer directly your question - the tax data may contain a lot of sensitive information including names, addresses, security numbers, documents ids, account numbers and others. There is a lot of bad things which may happen when this kind of data gets leaked - i.e. you may find one day you are owner of a loan you never took.
  3. @PinkElephant No way. The basic security strategy is you do not share anything except you have to. Uploading anything means you are putting this data at risk. As to the second use case - uploading any data which may be tight to particular person to 3-rd party server most likely means you are violating EU GDPR/RODO. The exchange example doesn't fit there. If you want send the email (which is base premise of outlook app) it means you _need_ at some point to share it with exchange server (this is not same case as creating note in EN - or at least it wasn't before v10). You assistant won't be able to access any emails unless you give him your password (which would be security violation on your side) or delegate rights. In fact the same goes for the admin - in general he shan't be able to access your email anonymously (not sure if we want to go in to details about admin role in general and admin role in MS environment in particular ...). Also it is worth notice that email systems may have separate layer of encryption you can use like GPG/PGP or SMIME. Is it? Problem is that EN _used to_ be build around local data processing. So, after update to v10 we have to face "this is my way or highway" ... And sure this is their company they have right to do this ... except it may rise some questions about long term trust ... Oh, boy they must do little code review then ... The conspiracy talk doesn't equal to the bad communication and making poor excuses
  4. @catydone I would try installing evernote legacy - in my case I was able to see all my old notebooks as I used to when elephant was still green (in fact on macOS I have both legacy and regular in parallel). Here is link to article which also contains link to legacy installer: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 Also if you don't have any sensitive data you can try to use tools->check for local notebooks and follow https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005107 (honestly never did this so I don't know how accurate is this guide).
  5. @DTLow you are right, I may store data elsewhere in the file system. Yet this mean EN is reduced to indexing tool. Also - will the search work for such data? Am I going to be able to tag this data? Use case 1: I have multiple tasks of things I need to do (let's call them UserStories ) and each of these may have subtasks. Probably for some of these I will have some related screenshots and other attachments as well. In "legacy" I am having note for each of these tasks with inline screenshots neatly combined with text comments and other files added as attachments if needed. I am able to search through such "stories" for keywords or tags. Obviously I musn't upload any of this to the cloud. What can I do to mimic this setup in v10? Use case 2: I want to make some quick notes while interviewing candidates. Once done I want to reformat these and upload to company system (and eradicate any local data) ... I think v10 means EN is no longer viable to handle this UC?
  6. @PinkElephant I think we are talking about different topics - you are talking about not loosing data - and main solution here is "do backups". You may do backups yourself or you may be relying on 3-rd party to do it for you. I am talking about data leakage prevention - first line of defence here would be - don't share it unless you have to aka. "keep it secret, keep it safe". The "In the cloud" or "master file on the (3-rd party) server" is NOT safer regarding data retention than local-only. Let's note that you can also have "full online" model when you are accessing remote data only during session and once session is done all local data is wiped (i.e. accessing bank account online) however security of such approach depends upon service provider security and connection security. Please note that while local processing of some work data is acceptable - uploading it to 3-rd party is NOT. To use non EN example: you may want to open excel locally but not necessarily upload it to one drive - especially if your company doesn't use o365 or if this is customer-of-customer data. The problem is that "full online" (or enforced "master online") model using EN servers (of unknown security) would NOT be acceptable for users keeping any sensitive data in evernote. It means all pro users as well as all non-pro users storing data like documents scans will have to move elsewhere. That's why loosing "local folders" is HUGE.
  7. Trusting any 3-rd party provider is not solving problem of local security - you are just adding an extra point of failure not removing one - you local machine _has_ to be secure regardless. If your local machine is breached all your 3-rd party accounts and storages are vunerable as well (you may to some extent mitigate this by using 2-way factor etc. but this is just mitigation not solution). Also - usually you are forced to have some local data anyway - especially when offline or fast processing is required. Using local tool for processing/storing data is acceptable - even if frown upon - while using tool enforcing cloud usage would be strictly forbidden by most corpos.
  8. The local notebooks were core feature which allowed me to use evernote for keeping any important data in evernote. I am talking about anything work-related, anything containing personal data (like documents scans) and many more. Regardless of encryption which _may_ be used for data transfer or storage I don't want to commit some of my data to any cloud. In other words - dropping local store ejects from system most of professionals or people who were using it for storing anything important. For me - THIS is shocking regardless if it was in release notes or not ... This also undermines basic trust in company And while I am still using legacy I have no guarantee it will still work after macOS update ... @PinkElephant Problem with finding replacement is that evernote did really great job. It had vast amount of features - I would guess that average user (like me) has not been utilising even a half of them. However the sheer number of possibilities allowed people to use elephant in different, custom workflows. That's why it is sooo hard to find a viable replacement. Personally I give a quick look at a few potential replacements like Nimbus, Apple Notes, Devon) ... no one has charmed me at first glance. Right now I am looking towards the Bear (with which I have been flirting for some time due to its _great_ tagging system). Yet this is still not "it" - I am constantly hitting issues like - not so great web clipping, no image resizing, no jump to ... There are times I am considering switching to vim with some ascii art plugin
  9. Regardless of naming the goal is to create notebooks which are not getting synced to the cloud (ever). As far as I see this is not possible with v10 - you are creating folder which eventually gets synced no-matter-what. I have mentioned "local cache" only to state I don't fully understand what would be technical reason of forcing sync-everything policy _unless_ the ultimate goal is to dump local client completely. And yes, this remark was off-topic.
  10. Thanks for answers @gazumped! I guess I will be forced to look for another tool ... The joke on me is that actually "offline" was my bread and butter while online features like sync, presentations, or web clipping features were just "nice to have". I am not fully understanding removal of offline notebooks. We don't even get setting like "don't sync at all" (filtering on firewall is not a sane solution ). How hard could it be to keep a flag on each folder excluding items from sync? I am not buying "new framework" argument mentioned in this thread - the app still needs to be able to cache notes locally until they are upsynced otherwise any crash (or just running out of battery) would result in data loss. Unless the ultimate goal is to dump offline completely - probably dump even standalone client and move towards browser-hosted solution so you don't have to maintain apps on several systems. Not cool
  11. I am not sure if I follow. Let's assume I am taking notes in evernote during daily work meetings. I don't want these notes to be online at any point (as I don't know how secure the cloud is plus I am not able to encrypt them unless I will use another tool for this). Also I want to be able to search through current and recent notes. What workflow are you suggesting?
  12. I have some work-related data I don't need or want to have online. I have used evernote as it allowed me to combine (and search in unified way, yay!) online-folders for "public" data and "local folders" for not-so-public data (like private and public code snippets). Having one tool to search them all was a great deal. The removal of local notebooks means I would need to use two different tools - and this is The deal breaker for me ... While I understand I can keep using "legacy" a little longer sooner or later it will be gone - hence it would seem it is a time to move. I don't understand why great tools needs to "evolve" instead of "adapt" while staying great tools ... It is worth to note that while evernote starts to enforce using the cloud of some sort I am still not seeing any way to secure data in this cloud (like RSA encryption for notes). Also the "updated" interface seems to be colourful and "cool" but - is it really more useful? Probably the evernote is just switching target group ...
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