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  1. I get this, when is 10.8.4 coming? Evernote 10.6.9 is currently the newest version available.
  2. I now have the Legacy version of Evernote AND the current version running, which means I can use my old shortcuts and work in either version of the App. I still prefer the old version, may be time to look at OneNote again.
  3. That seems pointless, Evernote lets me pick the area and it auto creates a note. I just want a single button, F4 for me, rather than a combo.
  4. I moved back to the Legacy version just because I have been using F4 for screenshots for 10 years and don't want to change. Give us back the option to customize hotkeys please!!!
  5. When does this roll out to others, I have over 5k notes and would love to test. Also really missing the feature in Windows where the search word was highlighted in the results, you took that away about a year ago.
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