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  1. Same here [3] (OS X 10.11.6, Mac Mini)! And I hate this, because it turns everything slow when Mac is starting! Evernote was a absolutely perfect product and now just getting worse and worse. What is happening...
  2. Absolutely frustrated by evernote. I was considering to upgrade my account to premium next year. I cant do it now. But two device limit is forcing me to change to OneNote.
  3. I have just updated to 6.0.2 version and I'm not facing slow typing anymore! This is great! Great effort, guys! I made a post here in this forum about the bad experience on typing I was facing in 6.0.1, so I think it`s fair come here again and give you guys this good feedback! Thank you!
  4. I really like the new Evernote version for Mac. I like the new design and everything else, but the most important isnt working guys: TYPING!! Its too slow to type! Some kind of a lag... Im already using 6.0.1 version and getting a really bad experience on typing.
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