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  1. Since the latest update, I have noticed a substantial increase in the time it takes for EN to load after the laptop reboots, and also a substantial delay after I start typing in a note - both pre-existing and new. I was about to moan about this, when I accidentally launched the web-browser version. Wow! This was like a rocket. I am guessing that this is a synchronisation issue? Is there nothing that I can do to speed up the process on the app? The most annoying aspect is the time to edit a note - when I have something to type up I don't want to have to go and have lunch while I wait for the program to sort itself out. For the moment, I am going to stick to the browser version, but it would be great not to have to. Thanks, Graham
  2. I don't appreciate being logged out, having to find a password and relogin when I accept the invite to update. I have a class starting in 25 minutes and don't have time to faff around looking for this information.
  3. I had logged a problem with the camera note tool a few months ago. Well the new version is infinitely better. Thanks.
  4. With the recent update, this seems to have reappeared as a problem. PDFs readable on other platforms aren't on Android.
  5. For a few months now, when I try to use the camera within Evernote the image is very dark, edge recognition doesn't work and I cant find documents for recognition. The out of evernotecamera is fine. Advice please?
  6. Me too. My device updated yesterday and since then I've not been able to save edits to existing notes. Cheers, Graham
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