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  1. @BSR, this becomes very annoying. I do pay for this software and I really don't feel the "love". This has a major impact on the way I use Evernote and this is a regression as this was working with previous releases. The answers you're giving here ("keep your eyes on ..." or "open a ticket ...") don't help us. Can you please give an ETA for the fix? If not, I'll consider moving to another product for this. Thanks for your comprehension,
  2. Hi, when do you plan to fix this? I prefer to use the desktop version and not the web version and I'm impacted by this issue. Thanks!
  3. I've downloaded 6.0.1 from the website and installed it and now I can edit notes. I agree with some comments: IMHO you are looking at too many non-related features (Work Chat ... really?). Please continue to focus on _notes_! People are used to best of breed tools, not one-fits-all.
  4. OS X 10.9.5 - Premium account - Just upgraded to 6.0 (451092 AppStore) through App Store and having issues: - when selecting a note, it takes ages to show up - when opening the note in a dedicated window the title goes away - even worst: I can't edit a note! A new or an existing one ... I can't say I'm happy with this update ... =(
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