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  1. Are you for real?? Is that really the improvement?? Then Evernote did absolutely not listen to its users @kvitekp @evernote Give us back our editable Created and Updated fields back in the notes!
  2. What's this new button in a note? the Repeat Command F4 button in the editing toolbar.
  3. I don't even understand WHY they were removed in the first place? Every single book or post or article you read about Evernote mentions these two fields as one of the most important part of your note. What was this particular designer thinking? So yes please bring back the created and changed dates back into the note
  4. Where are my created and updated dates in the note? I know I can find them under Info, but having them INSIDE the note in plain visible sight is much used. It's the fastest way to change the date of a note (for example scanning a document with date 1-2-2016 of 3-4-2016. I want that note to have a created date of 1-2-2016, not 3-4-2016) Put Saved Searches back in the search bar!! An ALL NOTEBOOKS and ALL TAGS view please.. You have to be kidding that just using the left pane for organising is the best way? I hate the fact that Atlas is being phased out.. I hate it even more that there isn't a equivalent of Ideaplaces for Android. Is it true that when dragging a parent tag and placing it elsewhere the child / parent tags get flattened? really??
  5. Hi, Did anyone try this "workaround" and maybe IFTTT has a recipe also: https://zapier.com/zapbook/evernote/todoist/ could help. I for one do not want to keep creating things which are allready in Evernote, but TSW method of working also is a bit of a hassle in changing the tags all the time.
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