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  1. I've had Evernote destroy data twice now while syncing up with the website. The first time, it ate all of my tags. That was annoying, but I could get past it. I just recreated the tags and tediously went about retagging everything. However, I had an entire local notebook disappear when I synced up to retrieve some articles I saved to my online notebook with the Evernote webclipper. I checked the trash and there was nothing there. I did a search for notes I had made hoping in vain they had just been moved. I even checked online even though the missing notebook was set as local. Nothing
  2. Just one more reason why a manual override selection should be possible.
  3. This exactly is what kept me from committing to Evernote as a premium subscriber. The thumbnail selection is a distraction that can make it HARDER --not easier-- to find what I want. This particular discussion has been going on for 3 years, so how has it not been a priority to come up with a way to override the automatic thumbnail selection with manual choice of thumbnail image that would actually let us associate images that we know will work for us with our notes? Overall, Evernote is a great application, so I can't imagine incompetence is the reason... so I can only guess that its a con
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