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  1. Well, bingo Mr Michael. The fix worked. Will report back if I get any knock-on problems but meanwhile, thanks and respects ...
  2. Thanks for that. I've read some of the background and understood some of that, so looks like I need to do something to make Evernote work with XP? Anyway, I'll try your suggestion later, making careful notes so I can go into reverse if necessary. My hesitation is that I might stop something else working properly?
  3. 1) I recently reactivated an old Evernote account, and I can sign in and out of it and create notes there (and post them in by email). But I have been struggling to get the clip-and-file software to work on my old Toshiba laptop, running on XP.Pro and using a recent download of Google Chrome as my default browser. When I go to Download at the Evernote site I get version and download seems to go ok. When I try to run it, I get the message: "Could not connect to server. You need to be online to register or perform an initial sync. Please check your internet connection." I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with my internet connection. I have deleted the Evernote download and re-installed and I have rebooted the computer. I have Kaspersky security but it is not throwing up any warnings. Question A) Can anyone help me out of this problem? 2) In the Evernote knowledge base, I find the following advice ... When Evernote attempts to connect to the Internet for syncing purposes, it uses the operating system's default browser Internet settings. The easiest way to check that these settings are configured properly is to visit the following two URLs using Safari on Mac OS X or Internet Explorer on Windows: http://www.evernote.com/Login.action https://www.evernote.com/Login.action Now, I cannot link to either of these using Internet Explorer 8, which is the best IE I can get on my Windows machine, but I can link to them using Chrome, which I recently downloaded because of IE8 problems. So Question B is) What have I proved there and/or does it matter if I am using IE or Chrome as my default browser? 3) The Evernote advice also says: "If all else fails, you'll need to file a support request. Before you do, you should capture a copy of Evernote's activity log. To copy this file, click Help > Activity Log and choose Save As to save a copy of the log." Question C is: Click Help > Activity Log where??? I cannot find a Help button on my account page and if I attempt to open Evernote on my own hard disk, I only get the "could not connect to server" message. Anyway, looks to me like you can only file a support request if you are a paying customer - and I'm not going to be a paying customer until I get over this hump. Does anybody want to help Evernote by answering all or some of this before I give up and move on?
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