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  1. Sound too much complicated, if they don't know how to get and manage feedback from the user. It's up to them to lose all this knowledge. I don't have more time to waste as finding the right place to post ideas it was already complicated to send it somewhere. You can transfer it right place if you can, thank you as well for reply me. JM
  2. Hello Guys, I truly have a relation of love and hate with Evernote. Her I will tell what from my sens should obviously fix. Password - No cloud editing tool allows this, but I want to be able to create a note protected by a password. A note with edition with pictures, dote list, anchor lings, etc. We can only open them with a password. Drive, Paper doc or Evernote don't allow it. I don't understand with; some privacy is mandatory. I know the encryption tool in Evernote but only work with flat text so painful to use. I would prefer full file protection or better a full notebook password protection. It will give more freedom to the user. On our days any coworkers or family members can find a way to spy all our clouds. So I dream of having someone who offers double passwords protection, one for my overall account and the second one for a special folder (notebook) and files (note). Insert Image and editing - Image in a note a quite chaotic with Evernote, no matter what I do it always looks like a mess. I would love having the ability to define preset thumbnail size. To resize faster images. Also, my notes become very heavy very fast with few images, so I would prefer having no limitation about some image fast preview with a small thumbnail. Image editing - I would like having a faster image editing tool. The main function is crop and rotation. Why not make it better intuitive and faster. Also sometimes adding text is useful. Paper Inspiration and Notion - I would love to see Evernote offering same quick insert tool as Notion and Paper Dropbox, like quick insert link between notes without having copy past manually all time, so waste of time. I like the way we can drag and drop an image in Dropbox with clean 3 column image, but in the paper don't like we can resize the image, but I like clean organize feeling. Styles - Why no styles for heading, it's so painful and make everything look chaotic again. I like so much Paper Dropbox shortcuts on this. Image Caption - As notion and Paper doc I want image captions, to make my files cleaner. The notion is so innovative with allowing content on 2-3 columns or more. Grammarly - I want use Grammarly in Evernote. Feedback - Like all Google Technologies, I believe Evernote should have a quick "feedback" link everywhere to send feedback. It's so hard to find a way to send spontaneous idea. Not surprising Evernote doesn't seem to involve so much. I love Evernote, but seriously I feel Evernote if freeze in the past. I enjoy so much better Paper DropBox and Notion. I feel Evernote can do so much with those great innovations. My list of feature can be longer, but I stop her, but by the time other organizations continue to innovate during Evernote bring new logo quite disappointing as long time user who wants see notable improvement in my user experience. JM
  3. Hello gazumped, Thank for the info, I didn't know. I add "Clear Formatting" as we do on a Google Doc. Thanks!
  4. Hi! There a wishlist and can figure out why it doesn't exist yet since I'm using Evernote nothing seem to involve. Custom default order per notebook and not for all notebooks - For some notebooks, it's better by alphabétical order, for some by chronological order and for some by custom order. Custom Order - Being able to sort a notebook by custom order (organizing by drag and drop). I love the way Worden TC2000 software do it with a watchlist. Recurring reminders function Save the scanned images with unique name and naming configuration option - When we export images all images have the same name. Being able to open a chat on each note - As a task manager like Asana, we can have discussion bellow the task. All in the same place - The note and the discussion around the note. Being able to navigate back to previous note - Navigate back and forward by navigation history - I'm using link index and it's painful to not be able to go back. I waste and loose so much time navigate into my organization. Clear formatting - Like Google Docs - Why, why, WHY it doesn't exist with Evernote so painful... I think all of those features are must and nice to have. JM
  5. Key features Evernote should have Allow order configuration per notebook Allow (drag and drop) custom order Export images with different name, not always "picture" About Ordre, I invite Evernote team to look at how TC 2000 team allow different order configuration per stock list, it's like notebook.
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