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  1. I started having this issue today. I am on Mac OS 10.13.6 It started when I could not open a note in a separate window. I often have several notes open in separate windows while doing research. Then I found this discussion. I signed out of Evernote and then signed back in after a few minutes. Now all I see is a blank white screen of the last not I had been working on. Everything else has vanished on my macbook version. I am not sure how to go back to another version. Between this issue today and not being able to email from evernote a copy of a note, this update has serious bugs. Very frustrating and wasting valuable time to troubleshoot.
  2. I agree please restore this function ASAP. I have paid for Evernote for many years and relied on email a copy. I do not want to share links or market Evernote products. Today I wasted an hour trying to send a copies of notes to my husband and failed. He only received links that tried to have him create an account. That is unacceptable. As for the excuse comparing EN to Google, I did not buy Google. The updates have been a complete disaster. Please restore Or warn customers what functions they will lose before pushing out your updates.
  3. Me too. Quick Start -Evernote Help & Learning is highjacking my Safari browser by loading every single time I open Safari. It is a nuisance. Please explain how to stop this unwanted intrusion before I have to delete Evernote. Those of us with Web clipper know how to use it and how to find help IF WE NEED IT.
  4. Thank you, I had to reinstall on both iPad and iPhone. Works now.
  5. No sign of shortcuts on iPad or iPhone with 8.2.2 Where are they?
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