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  1. I've tried with and without a login, same result. I tried Twitter, no response. I'm frustrated with how much effort it is taking to improve the user experience for those wishing to switch from OneNote to Evernote. Even if Evernote decides it's not a priority for them to allocate dev time (for the reasons you outlined earlier gazumped in the other thread) shouldn't it still be possible to at least open a ticket with them? This is probably the 6th or 7th attempt I've made to get their attention without success. For what it's worth, OneNote by contrast is always proactively solicitin
  2. I tried this several times earlier today in both Firefox and Chrome and all I get is a message "please submit a ticket" without any link on the page to actually submit a ticket. What am I missing here? Even if I fill out the "Not what you're looking for?" dialog box it doesn't provide any additional options to submit a ticket.
  3. Update 8/9/2017: I've opened a BUG: pdf Import from OneNote Missing to track this issue.
  4. Hello. There is a bug during import of OneNote notebooks featuring notes with PDF attachments. The screenshots here tell the story. In OneNote when you insert a PDF it includes not just the PDF file itself (which can be re-extracted) but also an inline rendered version. This is an incredibly useful way to organize PDFs, since you get the best of both worlds. You can see a preview inline, and know that if you ever need to get the original PDF back out again in the future it's right there. I'm hedging my bets on OneNote by making sure I can get back to Evernote some day if I ever need
  5. OK it's been over a year since the last post and I can verify the issue is still happening today. It's not feasible to manually copy over the hundreds and hundreds of documents I have with PDF attachments. Should I ever decide to switch back from OneNote to Evernote this will be a major loss of data during import. If any devs do actually read this, please fix.
  6. +1 premium user. I'm glad the ChungwaSoft version exists but I'd prefer an official Evernote one. Also, at current currency conversion rate it looks like EverMail is coming in at $11.13 which is on the higher side of what I'd care to pay for a 3rd party plugin.
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