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  1. Yeah!!! It's a missing feature! Believe me or not but as my Evernote database is growing and the shortcut panel is getting cluttered, I'm making some "Master Notes" to link to secondary contents. Table of content just doesn't make it. Since "Saved Search" and "Tag Shortcut" is all ready in the interface, why not give us that possibility :). Would be yet another "hidden gem feature" that doesn't really add any complexities to the UI.
  2. I do understand you @userfeedback and I made that mistake so many times and in many software. With time I learn the keystroke and it work almost everywhere! Between us.. CMD+V or CMD+SHIFT+V is not that different (once you learned it). From my point of view, It would be more confusing than anything else to reassign.
  3. Facts : Not a security concern Less and less a niche and it's even a feature in mobile development (Apple URL Scheme) In mobile, there is currently app that are entirely or partially based on those urls (Workflow and Launch Center Pro) People want it so bad that you can find a lot of workarounds about this topic on the forum. Evernote is a productivity software URL Sheme is a productivity feature Evernote support it when using as the url source of a note Deep linking is future Put the feature and document it.. believe me the feature will be widely use. There are already guide about linking between multiple apps. Not doing something because it's not widely known is not proper development thinking. It could... but it could not... in my book it's only a matter of removing the regular expression that validate a link with "http". Remind yourself that you can put those link in the note with workaround. So it's just a matter of removing the validation in the url dialog. PS: I will write a little email to EN Staff to get this topic noticed.
  4. Hi! Wanted to share the reply I got from official Evernote people So keeping a copy of the files I put online seems to be a really nice concept now that I know Evernote *should not* change anything to the image. For me at least, I can see other people saying Evernote is not made for this and that. In my mind, using Evernote for picture would make the same sens as with text since it excel at being a reference service. Not trying to say that I will archive all my 4 terabytes of work into Evernote. I've got two drobos and Amazon Cloud Drive for that.... But for me trying to organize 2000 docs files in folder is the same hassle as to keeping track of my low-res picture. Thanks Evernote!
  5. I understand Evernote is not a photo platform and I do use Google Photos for my ios devices. Here's some practical example: 1. Let's say I want to compose drafts of any content (can be blog post, future facebook ads, etc...) I will put image in my note, can I use those back to make the actual post? 2. I posted a picture on facebook the other day. As you all know, you want to post 2048px files to get the HD compression I do not really want to keep the 2048px version on my computer. But what if I create a note with that 2048px in it as a form of archive? That way if I want to create an article about "wedding" I may get back all those 2048px version inside Evernote without even having to browse all my past wedding to see if I already have some exported content. To "gazumped", it does seem Evernote keep the Metadata and I know it's a user forum. Don't need to troubleshoot anything, looking to share my thoughts on the subject. Maybe other users have worked with Evernote with that style of workflow.
  6. Hi there!!! I'm thinking about archiving the photos I post online but I was wondering if Evernote change the quality of the picture we put into notes. When I retrieve those jpgs from a note with "Save As...", is there a quality loss? Dosen't seems to because the file size seems to be the same but wanted to ask the Evernote guru guys
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