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  1. Hello Phils, Thanks for the reply. i can understand your concern but it's our critical requirement and we need your technical inputs as well. so we would appreciate your technical inputs. can you help me little bit in parsing note conten?. in my code if i use string noteContent = noteStore.getNoteContent(bAuthToken, note.Guid); then i get following business card content in string which is different content then any normal note content. As you said it consists of "x-evernote:contact" class. Please find the attachment which is note content of one of my business card note. Do i need to iterate
  2. Hello Phils, We are having requirement of syncing all business cards(contacts) note into our sharepoint contacts list. we are having business account with evernote as well. we created two contacts in different notebook using this functionality from our android phone. now we would like to sync those contact notes in our sharepoint contacts list. i downloaded your tool and while installing it i gave my personal email id instead of business email id. after that i tried to login with my business email id but it is taking only first one. so i am not able to export actual notebook in csv file. Can
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