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  1. I just want to second Hami's request here. Yesterday, I received a notification that Pocket, a straightup competitor to Evernote, will now read aloud the Notes you've saved. Given that the very impulse of saving an article to Evernote is a statement of worth or value, and given that the main impulse at work here is wanting to revisit the article, either to re-read or, more likely, to get to it in the first place, I would think the ability to have the Note read back to you is a highly attractive feature. This applies to the Long Commute crowd, or the Want to Be Reading All the Time crowd. I check both those boxes. And I would think that both are major subsets of the overall Evernote community. If I am missing something here, like the feature already exists, or 'here is a handy 3rd-party app that interacts with Evernote and will do the trick,' then I'd be thrilled to be enlightened. But the overarching spirit of this post is from someone who definitely wants to protect the Evernote franchise and who felt the announcement yesterday from Pocket was a reason to reconsider the fealty.
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