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  1. Thx for the answer. As you should know not everyone is the kind of user that would make a ticket for each subject, but I have to admit that it's still surprising to me that the topic didn't more votes. However, since Evernote is a notes organiser, not fixing a bug related to organisation looks hard to understand... NB for future support threads : I always looked for a better organisation for notes in Evernote but it's now even lacking continuity between devices and versions (web vs laptop..). Organising tags and sub-tasks should look the same on all platforms, and I thought that this would be fixed already a couple month ago. Never the less, can I ask you to bring this topic to a higher level of execution delay please ? Regards.
  2. Hi, since last time al long time passed so I wanted to know where all this was going. I checked my Evernote desktop & web apps where nothing seem to have changed here. The last reply said that "it's in the Evernote's funnel now". Can you say at which state this is please. It shouldn't take so much time and I hope it won't take years. Therefore any ETA would be awesome. I hope to read you soon with good news.
  3. Thanks for the quick followup to each. I can't agree more on that where hierarchy should be used for global scopes, and that's how I want to use it too. I understand you point of view, and since I'm not such a rigorous tag user as you seem to be, I still rely a bit on nested stuff. Indeed, whatever individual needs I believe that both practices should be available in all circumstances with no preference from the app developers point of view. It should still be up to the user to make their best choices upon his priorities or even habits. People will learn new organizational principles with more flexibility in mind (just I I would certainly) with feeling of restriction, which is how I feel today. I'm quite happy that we were able to understand each-others point of view. So what are the next steps to leverage this discussion to the operating level and put it in the production funnel ? Best.
  4. Exactly, displaying hierarchy is the point i want to solve. actually users can't really display shortcuts with hierarchy, only nested subtags create real hierarchy. Hierarchy is a higher level than only ordering. It completes the shortcuts manual ordering my adding that layer if simplification when we have to many tags to manage. Do you understand what I mean here, and does it make sense to ask for that improvement - despite you will personally maybe not use it, that's up to you.
  5. That's your point of view, which differs of mine. I would ask : how many tags are you using, how many shortcuts do you have, do you use nested subtags ? And last but certainly not least, don't you use nested folders on your PC? And wouldn't you find it great to have similar way to organise your notes ? This is the primary reason why I don't use Evernote more - its lack of the simplest organization capability. Which is so simple to fix by the way. Not sure to understand this "not germane to you" ?
  6. I spoke effectively about the shortcuts, not the tag tree. See added screenshots and refer to previous comments. Shortcuts display subtags unordered / tag tree displays them alphabetically.
  7. Ok, pretty strange. So it seem to be a Mac only specificity then 🤔. Have a look to my screenshot on my Mac's Evernote Shortcuts : Subtags are there under DEV but no-one can be moved around. If it's right that it"s only the case on Mac apps it could be of great opportunity to suggest to add this system to all apps, with subtags sorted alphabetically of course. The benefit of this is quite obvious since it give that so much waited capability to manage all files in a condensed and thus more streamlined way when having many tags. One example could be to add tags with subtags by project etc... Reasons to use this are countless. This is even more true since stacks are far more limited and in the end quite useless, except maybe for shared folders (which I never used). Hoping you can forward this to dedicated teams for enhancement 🙂
  8. That's exactly the point. When adding tags with subtags to the shortcuts, on the PC app we can see an arrow to display their relative subtags. Those subtags are NOT sortable by drag & drop neither are they alphabetically. As said previously : - On my PC (Mac), subtags are not sorted alphabetically. - On Web & Mobile (Android), subtags are not displayed at all.
  9. This subject is about the subtags added in the shortcut list. Sorry for the typo, I talked about the shortcut list (not mist 😉 ). - On my PC (Mac), subtags are not sorted alphabetically. - On Web & Mobile (Android), subtags are not displayed at all.
  10. Hi, it's already a long time I use Evernote at an intermediate level. and it's probably intermediate partially for its recurring inconsistency of organization : We gat Stacks and tags, great start, but when we start to stack/pile them it becomes a stupid nightmare of usability. Sorry for the tone but I shouldn't have to lose so much time only fixing evident issues. So here is the actual, SO basic one : I re-discovered the piled tags with sub-tags and even sub-sub-tags, great! Until I add one to my shortcut mist and where I see that the sub-tags are NOT alphabetically ordered (while it's my criteria in my tag manager window - but shouldn't be related). So can someone explain me how they are organized there and if it could be ordered alphabetically by default asap. After a quick test I also realize that the sub-tags are NOT displayed in the shortcut sidebar in the web & mobile (Android) versions - despite I appreciate their UI! Waiting for this slight but so important improvement.
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