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  1. Greetings, I'm somewhat new to Evernote, however, I must say i'm really digging it so far. I do have a couple questions I'm hoping some of you more experienced EverNoteors may be able help me out with. Sorry in advance if these questions seem a bit basic, but like I said I'm somewhat new: Is there a way to automatically Sync my desktop evernote to the online version after a certain amount of time? Or do I have to always click the Sync button or close out the app? The reason is if I'm working on my desktop and do not click Sync and forget to close out I cannot get my new notes on my smart phone until I do. I have a bad habit of walking away from my desk and then looking for something on my phone to find it's not there yet. I'm I better off just using the online version of Evernote or the Desktop version? I find switching back and forth a little bit confusing. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, but right not I mostly just use the online version. What is the major advantage in using the Desktop version vs. the online version? I mean I understand it's safer to back up my stuff to my desktop and the cloud but are there other advantages I'm missing?Thanks in advance for the help and again, sorry if I come across as a complete tool.
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