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  1. Search Search Search When you have a moment, can you let me know if "search' for Phrases in "Quotes" is something that is recognized as needing a MAC update? For example: I'm involved in writing a multiyear book project and have been using EVERNOTE (for years) for all my heavy lifting and research and writing for that matter. So, when I need to find something I tend to search across thousands of notes. I generally will look for a specific phrase like: "Quotes with words." Evernote does not recognize the quotes properly. 1) "Phrase in quotes" searching will more often than not, bring up notes that DO NOT even contain that precise phrase. 2) "Phrase in quotes" searching does not include the main titles of notes (???) shouldn't the note TITLE actually be the most important in every search? P1 3) "Phrase in quotes" searching will often bring up simple connecting words ONLY (not the phrase) i see this happening a lot in images with words in them... This should be a P1 BUG. So if I need to find the phrase "OF THE NAME" Evernote will attempt to find the phrase, but will also present and highlight SINGLE word INSTANCES: "of" "the" "and" This should not be the case. It should ONLY present the precise phrase allowing me to jump from phrase to phrase. Does this make sense. This is a huge issue, I'm now unable to find my work. 4) Often when I am able to find the exact phrase, Evernote will not easily allow a simple press of the return key in order to jump from found phrase to the next instance of the found phrase, in the same note, I'm required to choose 'command F' to then continue my search inside each note I choose. It's not an affective or efficient way to work.
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