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  1. That's too bad. I guess I can left justify everything and then move it back. Just another step. I wish they would actually try to use the software before they release.
  2. In the recent versions of EN, when I enter a table cell with the cursor, an arrow representing a formatting pulldown appears over the right hand part of the cell. I can't figure out how to get rid of it and it is hiding the decimal part of the numbers that I am trying to edit. Is there a way to turn this off?
  3. I am not sure when this showed up but I am having two problems with the Side List that I never had before (I am running 7.3 b2). One is that the "Relevance" column seems to be a permanent fixture -- I don't want it but there is no way to turn it off. And second, when I am in Trash, there used to a column for Date Deleted that isn't there any more.
  4. I want to agree with Noteworthy. I like Evernote and have used it fairly heavily for several years but there are so many little things that make the experience painful -- and I don't see any of them getting better. The sync problems are a pain -- I have a small number of notebooks that I touch on my phone and I have a high probability of having a sync conflict every time I touch it on my phone, so I avoid it. There a lots of little text and UI artifacts in the Mac version. Tables are still lousy. I can't always get a clean TXT file out of a note. Its been like this literally for years and it doesn't get any better. Then there are little things that, I admit, are personal preference things like wanting to have each notebook sorted on a different criteria (and also have more criteria for sorting such as Creation Date). There seems to be more effort put into three or four marketing blog posts on meaningless topics than there is making EN a pleasant and productive experience.
  5. I have been using the Postbox email client for a long time and one of the important features is the built in Evernote button. I updated to EN version 6.11 beta 1 last week and since then, EN crashes each time I use the button. The email gets moved to EN so it is there when I restart EN. I have a screen recording if that is useful.
  6. Are you serious? Yes, this is beta software. And yes there can be glitches. There can be crashes. Some features might not work right. Some features might not work at all. But this isn't a glitch. This "appears" to be note corruption in what is effectively a database program. That's a serious issue that not a glitch. I have lived with many betas and I can live with problems, crashes, broken features, ... but if you don't take corruption seriously then I guess you are right, I shouldn't be using the Evernote beta.
  7. Yeh, that would appear to be the case... So I am not touching any other notes
  8. Since I have viewed several and they are all corrupted on my MAC but the only one that is corrupted on the web is the current one, I have to assume that it is the editing not the viewing.
  9. All of them are corrupted in the MAC app... On the web I only looked at the most recent (today's) and it was corrupted ... but looking back at previous days they appear to be ok. I am shaking a bit less now.
  10. I just updated to the new beta..... All of my lists are out of order. I keep of log of things in my logs: Item1 Sub1-1 Sub1-2 Item 2 I have hundreds and hundreds of notes..... Now they are all displaying as xxx Sub1-1 Sub1-2 Item1 Item2
  11. I just updated to the new beta..... All of my lists are out of order. I keep of log of things in my logs: Item1 Sub1-1 Sub1-2 Item 2 I have hundreds and hundreds of notes..... Now they are all displaying as
  12. Well it is actually a hard problem. There are a number of email security techniques that limit the ability to send third-party email (look up DMARC in Wikipedia). So it is difficult for a third party like Evernote to reliably send an email with YOUR source address. I was sort of upset when they made this change since I used that feature quite a bit -- but since then I have gotten a better understanding of the issue and I now understand why they did it. At this point I think that sending the public URL is the best solution.
  13. Yes, ever since they made the change to use the NOREPLY address (over a year ago) I have stopped using SHARE by EMAIL. It is pretty useless since it ends up in spam. I have taken to using the technique suggested by DTLow of just sending the public URL for the note. It is not a bad work around. It would be even better if they added another menu item called SHARE URL BY EMAIL which opens a message in my email client with the URL already included
  14. Hi BSR... I have been running an updated EN for a long time -- my original post was in Dec 2014 (!!!!). I am current at version 6.8 beta 2.... The problem has persisted through all of the versions. Honestly it annoys me pretty much every day and it has for a long time but I had forgotten that I even made this post (18 months ago).
  15. Sorry..... you are right. I am using the MAC client, version 6.0.5, on Yosemite.
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