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  1. Yep... still on the radar. Been a problem for 2 years. 2 bugs have been opened (and are still open) on this issue from my Premium membership. The first happens as described. The second is when you try to set a tag for multiple notes. If you hit the backspace button when typing a tag, it sometimes just removes the tag, so you need it to do it multiple times until it gets set. Yes, Evernote has the ability to code around it. They have fixed it in betas, then they taketh away on the release with the claim that its an "apple" bug. Interestingly I have never seen this "bug" from ap
  2. I have to laugh at the release notes from 6.7.1: "Version 6.7.1: Fixed various bugs that affect users on OS X 10.10.x" Whoops... all but this bug ;-) Evernote.. when are you going to code around this one?
  3. Evernote's I didn't mean to lash out at you. You were just trying to help. I am just a frustrated user and customer of Evernote due to this bug and getting a line cr4p from them when I check the status or some lame excuse from them on why it isn't fixed, or pointing fingers at Apple. I have just had it from this company. They need to learn a thing or two on how not to be a hipster support group and about how customer service works.
  4. That's hog wash and hand waving. Evernote fixed it in 6.2B and 6.6B. My exchange with support in my previous posting underscores that it can be coded around. Its a ridicules bug (I am speaking as a software developer) that most certainly can be fixed, and they have fixed it before. Heck, from your saying the best we can do is not use dashes... why not go all the way and lets just not use tags, right? That gets rid of the problem completely! Right? ;-) Sorry, but your statement is flawed. I have a LOT of tags and everyone of them uses a "-". I'm not going to go back and change ever
  5. I'll give you news... and it's not good. So first of all, Evernote seems to be the only application that has this issue (at least from my perspective). They claim its an Apple bug, but I have my doubts. They have fixed it 2 times, then subsequently pulled the fix. It was fixed in 6.6b of which I commended them on the fix. After they fixed in in 6.6B, I sent them a note telling them that they finally fixed it with a hearty "thanks". Response from Nick L. in support on 3/21: "Thank you for writing us back. This bug is still opened by Apple, but we have managed to code around it. This
  6. Yeah, but you fixed it in a beta ;-) This tells me you have some control over it ;-)
  7. Just an update. This looks like an Evernote bug as its fixed in 6.2.2 Beta 2. Just putting this here for anyone else who is experiencing this issue.
  8. Hello? Any Evernote folks out there? You guys wanna share Apple bug RDAR number with the community for Yosemite so we can report the regression for El Cap or you guys want us to pound it as a bug for Evernote?
  9. Hi, it looks like this bug has returned to El Capitan. Its the exactl same problem. Do you have a copy of the bug on the Apple side so that it can be reported again?
  10. Yep... looks good ;-) Why didnt you guys say so in the beginning? I could have given Apple the hard time instead of you. ;-)
  11. 6.0.8 released and bug still exists. We are nearly at 6 months and nothing has been done. Evernote folks, do you have a time frame on the fix?
  12. Yep agreed. I am guessing Evernote devs use Mtn Lion or are Windows users. Because based on this: https://www.gosquared.com/global/mac/yosemite/#beta 42% (as of 3/3/15) of their mac customers need this fix. I would think that would be considered a priority.
  13. 6.0.5 is out... and bug is *still* not fixed. Can we please get an answer to when this is going to get fixed?
  14. *tap* *tap* *tap* Is this microphone working? 6.0.3 released today and this bug still exists. Being a software dev myself, this one cannot be difficult to fix... time frame for fix would really be appreciated... Hello? Beuller?
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