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  1. looks great - in particular the reminder dates - i assume this is for scheduling - exactly what I'm trying to use evernote for as well. I assume this can create a todo list of notes when run. Anything else im missing - for example I have 5 spreadsheets which are quotes to one customer - it seems to take an age to open them. I assume these should be as single notes? Contacts I have a master spreadhseet from gmail - saved in EN - i export and manage it this way - a little bit by a little bit. be good to know how to share it into OL
  2. Just embarking on my limited notebook strategy - so the next question - can you save customer searches ?
  3. Great so maybe customer notebook contacts tag then company name tag or would you bin the customer notebook and have the name tag company tag position for example
  4. Guys , moving all my filing into evernote - however i followed some guidelines regarding saving customer contacts. im findign it hard to drill a search down can you point me in the right direction for searches and perhaps automating them with some kind of filter pop out? Also are there any notebook tag comments for newbies?
  5. Fantastic now that's looking interesting
  6. Thanks guys I think i would prefer evernote to a spreadsheet. any pointers to a saved search lesson? any other great resources im new to the forums so excuse me for being ignorant
  7. cheers everyone thanks for your advice. in fact the only solution was to save as the attachemnt and re-attach it which worked and its visible now. Just to further the dialogue about contacts - my main function of the contacts sheet is i regsiter a last contacted and next contact date-which is a trigger for the earliest date to call them -or when i have seen them. in excel its easy to manage I just sort the list by the earliest date and start ringing? is this easier in evernote? Contact details i record name title mobile direct email comp
  8. Hi Guys- i dragged my customer excel sheet which has all my names and numbers on it- i was going to then add links the a sheet of to dos for each client. ( I assume that the excel sheet is the best way to organise this )? however when i open the note i cant see how to open the attachment - but it is there?? see 213kb at the bottom-i can save attachments to -just cant see how to open it in evernote.
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