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  1. Printing: Able to change format of printing. Use my template: 1.2 line spacing, 11 point text, and printing presets 1.5in left boarder,5 in right boarder... Auto size images to fit my printing format (4inch by 4inch max size) as default, and change if necessary. Auto table size to print. Lock two columns to fit printing width, or lock three column to fit printing width, or one column. Decrease file size button to shrink image resolution, image type, and text format. "Save as pdf” button so I can attach note to email message. "Email Note” button… reformats image and inserts text then opens email program. “Save as .jpg” button so I can attached my Evernote with a text message. “Text Image” button… reformats image, inserts text then opens text messaging app. Work within the printing dimensions view. Add postscript option formatted to the bottom of the printed page. Page number, print date, date and time of last updated note, creation date, notebook, note name Format postscripts in light gray text Scanning: Automatically organize receipts Add button to scan receipt using a phone within Evernote Find all receipts from on card (cards ends in ..4456) and automatically adds a tag. Automatically sees a scanned a receipt, from any source, and places it in a notebook. Scan receipt image then automatically read “image to text”. Include the scanned receipt text in text block next to image. One note with 2X1 table with image in one cell and text in second cell. Title include last four digits of card, date, merchant. Image to text scan stripping out: card, merchant, date, amount, location … and leave a space for note, and automatically adds a tag for each. Be able to write “tag= project name” on receipt and have Evernote tag scanned note Automatically make a report for selected notes changing 2X1 table to 2X… table. System Bar App: Keyboard quick key for “clip rectangle (fn + command + touch pad rectangle). Keyboard quick key for “save too Evernote” in App. Hold multiple text, images for copy-paste (fn + Command + F 1 or F 2 or F 3). Each Copy, make a Evernote with that name. Note name = “F 1…the words I cut out" Add citation where the clip came (website address). Toolbar: Customize Toolbar Spelling suggestion box Add “Insert Date” button. Make alternative to notebook dropdown list. Make icon click buttons on Toolbar for each notebook Add annotation tools as part of regular toolbar Add “History” button Send to iCloud link "Make image of” selection button "Strip formatting" from selection button Improve grammar and spellcheck Include spellcheck as permeant part of toolbar constantly showing suggested spelling for last misspelled word. Place “Spelling suggestion box" next to "notebook name" box and “click to add tags” box. Remove period from numbered list function, and add period from numbered list Add capitalize first letter of number list function Templates: More with different styles Format for printing, format for text message, format for email. Add postscript options formatted to the bottom of the printed page. Annotate image: One of the best features. Please expand feature. Annotate image within note Makes a “clip rectangle” that changes selection of text, multiple images into a single .jpg image. This image can now be annotated. Work within the printing dimensions view. Keep size of image after editing image.
  2. Maybe I am missing it, but where is the "fit photo to page" function? Do I have to resize every photo? Also, where is the "fit four photos to page" function, or a template for automatically adding photos into a pre-sized table?
  3. Keeping track of receipts is a major use for Evernote. Scan document is great. Tables are great. ORC works great. Search for words is great! How about putting everything together by having a scan option that: scans as documentresizes receipt for one page printed report. Cut long receipts images so they print out side-by-side within table cell- not split onto second page.places image in a table so notes about the receipt print out next to each other, side-by-sidehave the cell next to the receipt have the headings: Note, Amount, Name, Date, Business, Address, and AccountORC business name, address, and total into table cell next to receiptORC and highlight text on receipt image for standard words such as "total" "date", "account", "name", "amex", or "visa" "address". It is not fun to scan receipts for these things, some are the top, some at the bottom. automatically tag note as "receipt"Cheers,
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