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  1. That would assume that the whole database structure was changed not just the actual app itself. That being said, a major announcement about this should have been par for the course if not it would show gross negligence on the part of the Evernote company.
  2. Thx so much for the link. Why didn't it show up when i searched 'disappearing notes' in the forum a few weeks ago? It shows that the evernote group is not user friendly not only in their GUI, but also in their data-basing search protocols.
  3. Who on earth has the time to watch SEVERAL HUNDRED VIDEOS just to manage a few text notes?? This app should be so easy that anyone with computer training-101 should be up and running in about 30-minutes at the most. I have used DOZENS of apps for over 10-years, so i should be able to pick this up quickly, which is not the case. Evernote is not user friendly and does not save time like many other apps do because it was not designed from the view point of the average user. I do appreciate the advice though. If i ever have time to watch all those videos, your suggestion is golden!
  4. I have no idea how to do any of this nor has evernote suggested it. Evernote is not user friendly at all.
  5. Yes, i think i'm SWITCHING TO SIMPLENOTE as Evernote is a pain in the but, even before this new extortion payment plan they came up with.
  6. Since i only use Text for my notes in plain text format, i think i will switch to SimpleNote App because it's free for unlimited devices and it works on all PCs, Apples, Androids, etc. I only use text because Evernote is a HUGE memory and resource hog that slows down my computer big time. (over 600megs of RAM! and i only use text!) Evernote seems to delete some of my most important notes without my permission, so that is even a bigger incentive for me to USE SIMPLENOTE. Also, Ever-note can't label a note automatically by the first sentence. it always wants to use the location and this WASTES A LOT OF TIME. And last, but not least, Evernote is not intuitive, it is NOT USER FRIENDLY... it seems to be designed only for the really techy folks who designed the app, not real-world people who can read their minds as to where the most important action buttons are to make the app do the thing you want it to do. They should hire me to make it user friendly.
  7. I had a note that had all my wifie passwords which i use alot. it's now gone and i didn't erase it. I have a free account. This has happeded to other notes as well. How do i get it back?
  8. Will notes quit disappearing, or erasing themselves once you go to a paid account? What is the lowest fee needed to prevent notes from disappearing, or erasing themselves?
  9. 1. Would it be possible for Evernote Developers to setup prefs for date stamping to follow a european type order like yymmdd (no slashes PLEASE) or 141002 for today? This is MUCH faster to type and much easier to sort and find by. 2. Could EverNote set auto title creation preferences to include the aforementioned date stamp as part of the title instead of the location the note was created in as many of us are 99% of the time in the same city and have to delete the title Evernote automatically creates almost every time because it is irrelevant. This wastes time and interupts the work flow. Does anyone else out there agree with me or have more info on how to do this?
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