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  1. Thank you for your reply, I figured it out. Duh.
  2. The above info didn't work for me. In the latest Windows client I clicked something in the cog at the top of my Notes list where I could see all my reminders, don't remember what. Now my Reminders aren't visible in the box like they used to be, they are mixed in with other notes. I can't get to the cog thing to switch it back. Never mind! Problem solved.
  3. Here's a link to my latest entry into my Evernote-to-OneNotes transition. There's more to come, I am simply documenting my experience and hope others find it useful in whether or not to make the move. https://evernote2onenote.wordpress.com/
  4. So folks, I've posted some updates on my transition to OneNote, including what I've found out about how tags are handled. I am still going through the process and discover more ever day. I will post more on my blog as I go through this. I hope this is helpful to others who are considering making the big move. https://evernote2onenote.wordpress.com/
  5. Nor was it meant to. I will post factual details as I go through the process. Thanks for the compliment about the writing though.
  6. Thought I'd share with you my experience in moving from Evernote to OneNote. I'm only in the first week and will post my findings, what works and what doesn't, as I make the transition. Check out my blog: https://wordsrunamuck.wordpress.com/
  7. I just read the book "Work Clean..." which explains the chef system of mise en place as a model for productivity and task management. I am thinking it could easily be implemented in Evernote and am curious if anyone has tried yet. There is an app specifically for this system, but I am determined not to use yet another app for task management.
  8. Martin, you make great points. My perception is that none of the big players jumped on this particular bandwagon until they realized the power of EN. I paid no attention to OneNote even though I have Office, and Apple Notes was little more than a grocery list maker. I don't work, so there was no push to use any particular product. Google Keep doesn't seem to be in the game at all. The EN fan base is huge, just check the EN books on Amazon or the pins on Pinterest. I can't imagine all these users, free or premium will jump ship, I will not. I'm a premium user and will go the th Plus plan. I think the big question is who will buy the EN company and when. The competition is rough and they will all be trying to lure or buy the EN user base.
  9. I looked into this, and discovered the feature to search by tag doesn't exist in the iPad version. Desktop yes, iPad no. So Evernote is still my first choice.
  10. Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. I'm still torn about leaving. I would make the move primarily for the stability of the company, not the minimal cost of the Plus plan which is the one I'd go to. But the difference in the stability of a company like mega-Microsoft and apparently-struggling Evernote does make me think about making the leap.
  11. if I were to move, and I don't want to, but I'd go to Apple Notes rather than OneNote. I think anyway. Has anyone migrated to Notes from Windows?
  12. I'm a long time premium user too, one of the few services I'm willing to pay for. I've played with OneNote and just can't get it, don't understand the look or how tags work, though I understand their finctionality is nothing like Evernotes. Just the idea of having to find and reorganize all my notes while learning a a new interface is daunting to me. As long as the company stays afloat and is stable, I'm here to stay, at the Plus level.
  13. Whew! I don't know where I got the idea that you were leaving. I can't find anything that does what Evernote does, as good as Evernote does it. I too have paid for it because it is so important to me, it was love at first sight for me. I am a writer and my mission is to limit the services I pay for as much as possible. You could go broke trying to get a book edited and published. I manage my own blog, format the manuscript etc. myself to save costs, but Evernote is one of the things I willingly pay for. Glad to hear you're staying, I think I'm ok now.
  14. I love Evernote, deeply and truly. We've been together for a while and I haven't minded paying for this relationship. However, I too thought it might be time to move on, however I can't find anything as good. I don't get the OneNote interface, plus, if I understand correctly, you can't search by tag, for example you can't search for all the notes tagged 'sequel' or 'query'.That's a big deal to me because I'm a serious tagger. Plus there are horror stories in the Microsoft forums about what a mess the import makes on one's notes and tags. Too bad I didn't follow Grumpy Monkey's tagless plan. Anyhow, regrets aside, I looked at Apple Notes, but the web clipping function is nowhere near as good as Evernote's. I work alone, don't need to share, don't manage a team, but I am addicted to Evernote. But I'm getting worried. Is the price hike the big deal here or are there other issues causing this exodus.
  15. I think I finally have the system to work for me. Thanks to everyone for your input. I have to keep things simple or I end up fiddling with tags and searches and not doing the stuff I should be doing. (I loved Ruud Heins system but played with it way too much.) One thing that seemed to mess me up was assign a When as soon as I entered a task on my list. That's what TSW says to do, but it didn't work for me. I also don't use contexts, another element that isn't important to me. Here's what I think is working for me, maybe it will help someone else. Hard dated and recurring tasks are in IOS Reminders, scheduled appointments go on the calendar. In Evernote, I have an Action notebook and a Completed notebook for tasks. Every incoming task gets a project tag assigned to it, and unless it's urgent and has to be done right then, no When tag. Then I use the project tag to see everything I need to do for that project and then assign a Today tag. I focus only on those until I complete them. This gives me a quick and straightforward way to see by project what needs to be done and also, as someone above says, eliminates the long, daunting list of to-dos. Thanks again everyone.
  16. So let me see if I understand your process. Your domains are actually more projects than the standard GTD contexts. Is that correct? So every task goes into the action pending notebook with a domain tag, and maybe a when tag. Then when you are ready to take action you review all the tasks and assign the now tag to those few that you will do now. Right? Here are my stumbling blocks which others seem to have mastered but I have not so far: I have dated tasks like pay cable bill, but hate the dated reminder feature in Evernote, just doesn't work for me, and don't like on the calendar. I also have recurring tasks which I just want to remember to do and don't want to have to decide or think about, like clean microwave. It seems to me that there's a lot of time consuming analysis in going through the decision process for all the tasks that don't bubble up on their own as needing doing.mI don't know why I find GTD in general so difficult to implement, either in Evernote or reminders. I like opening up a list ,seeing why I have to that day,mother analysing what needs doing after this scheduled talks are done. Maybe I just don't have a GTD mentality. Sigh.
  17. Thanks for your input. I am revisiting TSW, I know it's a good system, I just have to work with it. It still bugs me that I have to have two systems, one for dated/recurring tasks, and one for the other types of activities. For some reason I just can't get used to how Evernote handles the dated reminders, so I am using the reminder-with-no-date feature for the Next tasks.
  18. Thanks, DTLow for your reply. What is your notebook set up?
  19. I have tried and tried to implement GTD in Evernote and failed each time. I always go back to a simple dated list (IOS Reminders) because I like to see what I need to do by date. I have recurring reminders which Evernote doesn't handle well. I can't seem to make the leap to GTD vs. doing everything on a specific date. It seems with GTD one spends so much time trying to figure out what to do next. I know I could put dated items on my calendar, but the bigger issue is what am I missing about GTD? I loved the simplicity of Ruud Hein's system, but left it. I don't work but am a writer and blogger. I use Evernote for everything except my task management. Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated. I'd love to embrace GTD in Evernote and stick with it for more than 2 days.
  20. My problem was not with the concept of tags, but my use of them. I am, I'm afraid to admit, a tag abuser. I had so many they stopped making sense or bring useful. I messed around with the system, including TSW, which almost drove me back to pen and paper. The GM's system is so minimalist and logical, that for me, it eliminates all that rearranging, stacking etc. I know tags work for most people, but I work better with keywords in the title and one simple search. I will post the detais of my system when I have finalized it.
  21. I have been fiddling around with multiple notebooks, stacks and tags since I discovered Evernote. I have wrestled with gtd and " The Secret Weapon." Nothing really worked for me. Then I stumbled upon GMs system, the heavens opened and the Angels sang. I implemented it immediately, with some adaptations. I keep my action items in a separate notebook and use checkboxes to mark done, then move them to a "Completed" notebook. The tasks of reclassifying all my old notes is daunting, though I have done quite a few and deleted some notebooks. I love the index card system, and having a single search. Kudos to GRumpy Monkey.
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