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  1. Even though I won't be able to help you with your specific problem I think I can confirm that list handling has changed fundamentally with 6.10. It used to be that I can hit Shift + Enter to add a new line to the existing list point. No it'll always add a new bullet point – which is pretty annoying. Please, Evernote, fix this!
  2. I am afraid this solution is broken as of iOS 8.3… It's a pitty – can't seem to find a solution to get access to my large audio recording in Evernote…
  3. Great stuff if working - I already was on the road to set this up and give it a try. What hold me off is the fact that I would have had to grant access to all of my notes to s.b. that I have not come across so far... I'm don't want to imply that there is anything evil going on there but I suggest to everyone to at least be aware of the fact that granting access to the personal notes to enable the editor to work means that there really is access to the notes. Even have to admit that I myself am being ambivalent here as I already use other services that I have given access to the data... Aga
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